By | September 19, 2017

Fasttac, a tech company specializing in new construction technology, has been awarded the GSA Schedule. Fasttac CEO Ray Steeb believes this development will allow the company to reach more construction managers and architects looking for a better way to conduct maintenance management programs. According to Steeb, “Fasttac is pleased to make our product available through GSA.” The company’s products are aimed to increase the level of efficiency in the facility management and facility maintenance industry. “Making the purchase procurement process simpler for our prospective government clients,” says Steeb, “will help their facilities reach greater efficiency faster.”

Using a patented navigation system and specialized software, Fasttac allows users to organize facility and/or construction information in a way that makes it accessible. The company holds several patents that record and produce institutional knowledge faster than any other product in the construction software market.

Since 2006, Fasttac has been providing facilities with a solution for managing and organizing 2D construction drawings in a 3D grid. Fasttac’s navigation system makes it possible to move between trade drawings digitally. Construction drawings and other facility information can be viewed and recorded at any location, allowing any user to have access when they need it, where they need it. Their extensive software allows for an increase not only in production numbers but also an increase in rate of accuracy.

Fasttac’s team is dedicated to assisting federal companies looking for a better solution to an everyday problem without making drastic changes within the infrastructure of their companies. Fasttac’s products are designed for ease of use and implementation. With the recent awarding of the GSA Schedule, Fasttac will be available to help federal companies in the facility management and maintenance industry and construction companies to improve overall yield by promoting streamlined organization, navigation, and communication. Visit for information on Fasttac’s software.

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