When General Hospital Meets Law & Order

By | September 20, 2017

Healthcare providers – particularly emergency room personnel – are coming under growing pressure from law enforcement to share patient information. And although HIPAA clearly spells out when such information can be shared and how, healthcare risk managers and HIPAA compliance officers have the never-ending task of ensuring that protected health information is shared appropriately.

In the wake of the summer incident in which a detective went off the rails and arrested a Salt Lake City nurse for standing up to his request for a patient’s blood sample, healthcare risk managers and police departments are reviewing their policies and protocols on access to patient information.

Concerns over immigration and a new emphasis on combatting drug abuse coupled with ongoing efforts to deter drunk driving are some of the many areas of concern facing healthcare’s relationship with law enforcement.

Determining when HIPAA applies at all is an ongoing challenge that requires constant training and attention to detail. State and federal courts around the country continue to interpret when subpoenas and warrants and patient consent are required for accessing such routine tests as blood-alcohol analyses following traffic accidents.

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John R. Christiansen, JD is the principal of Christiansen IT Law and nationally recognized authority on healthcare privacy and security. He is the former Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association eHealth Privacy and Security Interest Group and former Co-chair of its Committee on Healthcare Privacy,

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