#Loneliness – The Virus of Modern Age; Book Excellence Award Winner 2017

By | October 10, 2017

News just in, #Loneliness – The Virus of The Modern Age, has been honoured as a Book Excellence Award Winner 2017. The competition celebrates books with high quality design, writing and market appeal. The Amazon Bestseller Tony J. Selimi, is honoured with this prestigious award for his outstanding insights on the impact that loneliness has on the collective global consciousness.

Imagine overcoming adversity with ease, enhancing the way you live your life, and learning new ways to express your full potential. With his book, Selimi “helps you learn what it takes to tap into the infinite being you are, the one who has the infinite ability to grow, expand, change, manifest, connect, communicate and love. You will learn how to recover pathways to deep empathy, social harmony, and wholeness through finding your inner switch that turns on your inner light.’” (p. xxvii).

Recently, he delivered a TEDx Talk titled “Technological Armageddon; A Wake-Up Call” based on a chapter from his bestselling book offers unique perspective on the impact rapid technological advancements will have on our future. Highly relevant and echoed by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.

In his book, Selimi notes: “You can see with clarity the dangers of the singularity and be inspired to take action. As you draw lessons from all life’s adversities, you will awaken to the problems your inner separation can have on your decisions and well-being and on the evolution of your soul.” (p. 127)

In essence, we are invited to not only look at the problems facing our current and future world, but to transform our approach. He writes: “You can ensure that the technological Armageddon is transformed into an evolutionary necessity for humanity. … You can be the light that illuminates the path for lost souls to find their way back to living in gratitude, love, and certainty.” (p. 128)

Selimi invites us to pause, reflect, and learn to become present in the midst of adversity. Many authorities from around the world have endorsed the book, Dr. John Demartini, international best-selling author and expert in human behaviour calls it “ A balm for the restless soul yearning for connection, freedom, and love in the desert of emptiness.”

“This warm, insightful book gives you a clear roadmap to overcome the loneliness that you will experience at different times in your life.” Brian Tracy

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