Hearts of Patriots Remembers Our Veteran Spouses During The Holiday Season

By | October 28, 2017

Hearts of Patriots (HOP), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the hidden heroes who sacrifice daily in support of their wounded Veteran, has implemented a program to ensure that these amazing caregivers are not overlooked during this holiday season.

Hearts of Patriots’ Adopt a Vet Spouse for the Holidays program matches individual, business and organization sponsors, with caregivers of Veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI. HOP pairs the vetted caregiver directly with the sponsor who agrees to send a gift card to help with the holiday meal, and purchase a gift for the caregiver based on a holiday wish list.

“Few individuals experience PTSD in isolation,” said Hearts of Patriots Executive Director Denise Weller. “It’s important that the spouses of those who served are also not forgotten. The holidays can be particularly stressful for these families. Often with young children and a Veteran unable to handle holiday crowds, some caregivers are in many ways, a single parent. Their concern is always for their families and add extra shopping and planning to their To Do list, hoping to make the holidays memorable for those they care for. While other families are out looking for that perfect gift for their wife or husband, our PTSD Veterans feel overwhelmed and trapped, remaining in the safety of their homes. On Christmas morning, or during Hanukah, it is the Caregiver who often doesn’t receive a gift.”

If you are interested in helping Hearts of Patriots thank these caregivers for their service and sacrifice, sponsorship applications are available on line. Application closes December 1st and pairing of sponsors with caregivers begins November 15, 2017. For more information on how to become a sponsor please visit www.vetspouse.org or email denise@vetspouse.org.

Hearts of Patriots is committed to ensuring that spouses of Veterans who suffer from invisible wounds (PTSD and TBI-Traumatic Brain injury) are not alone throughout their difficult journey as caregivers and provides education, resources and support that focuses on the spouse and their families. Learn more at www.vetspouse.org.

About Hearts of Patriots:
Denise Gula Weller is a cofounder of Hearts of Patriots. HOP is a nonprofit organization committed to esuring that spouses of Veterans who suffer from invisiable wounds of war are not alone thorughout their difficult journey as caregivers. Our goal is to provide education, information, resources and support that focusses on the spouse and their families.

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