Project Hercules Becomes Stronger

By | October 28, 2017

Lawrence, MA, October 27, 2017: Today Rubix LS announces that the initial study results of the Phase I trials for Project Hercules has now been accepted by the FDA to move towards Phase II trials. Project Hercules, the flagship product for Rubix LS, is an amalgamation of merging a physical bio-absorbable implantable device with macro-protein compound fibrous nano-matrix tissue to spurn regeneration from tissue and bone cavitation.

Compared to traditional surgical osteogenesis techniques, Project Hercules has yielded a heralding 98% patient yield in the regeneration of bone cavitation stemmed from per-trochanteric & intertrochanteric hip fractures. With the current osteogenic procedures needing plates, screws, nails and accessories; Project Hercules has proven to mitigate the need for multi-assembly procedures and any adverse re-insertions. Under patient interaction, Project Hercules has decreased time the time for normal human factor function by 110 days.

“We’re absolutely amazed how far Project Hercules has transitioned to a patient interface by way of a Department of Defense Innovation Fund. To know that the impact that this combination device can make, for future patients so that we can move toward a world where everyone will walk normally is astounding,” said Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO of Rubix LS. “Our humble beginnings and vision will help to permeate the vision we’ve been looking for”

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Founded in 2016, Rubix LS is a research and development engineering firm, geared toward harnessing and formulating combination device therapies, that can be specifically targeted for combating common oncological to rare and orphan diseases. Rubix, is developing cross-pollination devices which can be translated in multi-disciplinary settings from orthopedic, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

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