Charlie by Elton Justice

By | October 30, 2017

30 October 2017 | London

“Charlie” is a poignant and harrowing true story of a gay man’s fight against the punishing authorities of a Far Eastern government over a three-year period while he lived and worked in Southeast Asia.

Around three years ago Elton Justice made the mistake of uttering the following words on his Facebook account: “He is an elected dictator.” From that day everything he held dear in his life was all but attacked and destroyed by the authorities he had criticised in his Facebook post.

His life was under attack from within his relationship, by his new boyfriend, who had been placed in his life and paid by the authorities Elton had criticised. But the person who had been put in his life to destroy him, fell in love with Elton, and through the love he developed for his victim, he helped guide and steer Elton through this terrible assault on his life that all but destroyed everything Elton Justice held dear.

In weathering this most terrible storm for three long and soul-destroying years, Elton Justice uncovered an evil and sinister machine that was not only destroying lives, but a government machine that was raping, abusing, psychologically torturing and even murdering, on the whole, innocent people. It’s a true and harrowing story which details terrible crimes against humanity and serious breaches of personal liberties. It’s a story that upon hearing, will raise serious concerns across the entire world.

Following intervention by British authorities, Elton Justice was flown back to the United Kingdom and reunited with his family in Scotland. He has managed to hold enough structure in his life over the past several months and brings us this raw and audacious account of his life.

Elton and his boyfriend now live happily together in the U.K. following intervention by his M.P. in recent months, who helped bring his boyfriend to the U.K. They are rebuilding their lives together as they had both been abused and manipulated by these punishing authorities on different sides of the same law.

In the end, good prevailed over evil, and the humanity of the British authorities helped to save both their lives from this terrible assault by the elected authorities of a Southeast Asian Government.
“Charlie” is a story that will raise serious concerns across the globe.

About Charlie by Elton Justice:
Elton Justice is just an ordinary guy from Scotland, who had moved his life from London to the Far East. A guy who loved his life, his friends and his family. His life had always been on the good side. He had a loving boyfriend and a great career.. That was until one day, whilst living and working in “the Bubble,” he uttered the words on his Facebook page: “He is an elected dictator.”

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