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By | October 30, 2017

Based in Cape Town, Rich Meats is a leading supplier of butchery products in and around the city. The company is chaired by Richard Urisohn and Peter Jacobs who have a wealth of experience in the meat industry and strive to introduce new products from time to time.

As an established butchery, they are widely popular in the industry for their quality products and high- end services. Talking about figures, they supply over 200 different types of meat to a large number of clients in Cape Town, including 51 renowned restaurants.

Rich Meats offers a wide array of butchery produce, from steak cuts, lamb, a full range of poultry, venison, cold meats to a variety of sausages.

  • Bacon: Some of their bacon products are diced bacon, prime cut bacon, back bacon, streaky bacon etc.
  • Beef: They provide a variety of beef products, ranging from diced beef, flank steak, roasting sirloin, kebab, to ox liver and T bone steak.
  • Cold Meats: Their extensive range of cold meats includes smoked chicken fillet, sliced gypsy ham, sliced Italian salami and so on.
  • Lamb: Their extensive range of lamb products include rump, lamb goulash, lamb leg, lamb flank, and shoulder stew.
  • Pork and Sausages: They specialise in a wide range of sausages, from Italian sausages, pork chipolata, medium lamb sausages to fresh chorizo and pork bangers.
  • Poultry: They also offer a large variety of poultry meats, from chicken mince, chicken fillets, and chicken wings to chicken livers.
  • Other Products: They also sell exotic butchery items like ostrich fillets, springbok carpaccio, springbok goulash, springbok loin, beef burgers, gourmet burgers, barbeque burgers, savoury mince, chicken mince etc.

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Rich Meats is a leading destination for ordering butchery products online. If you want to order their products, visit their official website and skim through their catalogue of products, information on prices and deals, to book your desired product.

For more information about Rich Meats, visit their official website at http://richmeats.capetown/

About Rich Meats
Operational from 2000, Rich Meats is one of the leading meat suppliers in Cape Town, offering fine quality meat at competitive prices.  Although they had started as a small organisation, they have evolved over the years to become a dream destination for butchery products. Today, they have earned a grand reputation for their high-quality meat products and customer-friendly services.

Unit 24 & 25, The Gallery Centre,
Turf Club Rd, Milnerton,
Cape Town, 7441,
South Africa

+27 21 551 5160