F.B. Norfleet Publishing has launched a new website, fbnorfleetpublishing.com aimed at writers.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of self-publising advice and a directory of book for sale on Amazon, Audible and iTunes published by F.B. Norfleet Publishing. The site will be of tremendous value to unpublished writers and authors. “This is a cutting edge Internet site far superior to anything in the self-publishing marketplace,” said Fredrick Norfleet, the President of F.B. Norfleet Publishing. “We expect tremendous sales through our convenient, user-friendly web site.”

Millions of unpublished writers and authors are looking for self-publishing solutions globally. “With F.B. Norfleet Publishing], many unpublished writers and authors will now be able to publish and sale their work on Amazon, Audible and iTunes,” said Fredrick Norfleet.

Fredrick Norfleet is the owner of the popular F.B. Norfleet Publishing. Its self-publishing consulting service is known for helping unpublished authors and writers publishe their work.. The company has won praise from numerous publisheng outlets. The company’s web site at www.fbnorfleetpublishing.com contains additional information.

About F.B. Norfleet Publishing:
Sample: Fredrick Norfleet is an expert in the field of publising and is well versed with the demands of self-publishing. Fredrick Norfleet offers the best consulting in the self-publishing. Fredrick Norfleet provides full client satisfaction. F.B. Norfleet Publishing is a company established in year 2016 by Fredrick Norflee to provide best serives in the field of publishing.

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