HipStar: The World’s Best Hands-Free Travel Cart launches Kickstarter Campaign!

By | November 20, 2017

HipStar™ hands-free travel cart is an exciting new travel accessory that will make hauling burdensome packs and bags easier than ever. This unique cart attaches to the hips and supports the majority of the weight of a load while ensuring natural movement remains unhindered. HipStar™ eliminates the pressure put on shoulders and backs by traditional bags. Individuals who rely on crutches and canes for support will be able to reclaim independence and carry loads with greater ease.

HipStar™ features a revolutionary design with versatility that makes it ideal for anyone. This cart is a game changer for festival-goers; it allows them to lug all of their gear from car to campground without trips back and forth through the sweltering heat. Any traveler will be able to carry more without added strain from weight. The design features a long support bar that keeps the bag at a comfortable length while being hauled so a wearer can walk or jog without risk of constantly kicking the cart. The support shocks and waistband absorb the bumps, stops, and force from accelerated pace to prevent annoying push and pull sensations. The large tires will allow users to haul the cart across multiple terrains, including sand, dirt, gravel, grass, and paved surfaces. When facing uneven terrains with large obstacles, the cart can be converted into a backpack in seconds.

HipStar™ is now live on Kickstarter, where backers can pre-order their own cart at exclusive Kickstarter prices. The campaign will enable the team to proceed with production and get the cart out by mid-2018.

ART MATRIX, LLC is developing the HipStar, the world’s best collapsible hands-free travel cart that makes it easy to move heavy items over any type of terrain, can be used as a cart, backpack, or bike trailer, and has the potential to revolutionize tourism and travel. It is striving to help people achieve full mobility – no matter if they’re young or old. It will make travels more enjoyable!

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