MoyRaaj Productions have lauched a Hindi Web Series on the concept of Domino Effect, Bangalore,India

By | November 20, 2017

Bangalore, Karnataka, 20th Nov– Pratikaar – The New Hindi Web Series is all about six lives played by six characters intertwined by fate and domino effect. The new Hindi web series which is now streaming on Youtube and it showcases the concept of Domino effect and how the cycle affects human lives. The new channel MoyRaaj has 40000 views in just 3 weeks of runtime and is becoming popular on YouTube. The story revolves around Alisha (played by Sangita Das) who gets an unknown call from Aarav (played by Moynaak) and this leads to a search for the abductor of her uncle, Rajveer Chowdhary. Aarav believes that by killing her uncle he would regain happiness for his girlfriend, Lopa (played by Manisha) and who has supposedly suffered child abuse and rape. Abhishek (played by Aakash Sur) and Tunisha (played by Triparna Saha) also are pivotal characters in the web series.
This Adult Thriller is the brain child of Moynaak who has acted, directed, written the story and composed the song for the series and produced the series as well with the little amount he had saved to buy his DSLR. He got able support from Suraj Biswas who also donned the Director’s hat and did the cinematography and editing. Shot in the far north eastern lands of India, Assam, this is sure a thrill ride to take for a new concept and plotline. Moynaak also is an author for the novel “ The Rise of Lord dDamon “ which is a science fiction mythological thriller.
“This our first venture into storyline cinema making. We would want to collaborate with bigger houses and make excellent content from here on. I am happy that people are appreciative of the efforts put by us. I have always wanted to make content and stir the social topics which are overlooked” as told by Moynaak
The story is fast paced and is very intriguing with a good background score and the official tiltle song “Sarva Mangala Mangalye”. But due to a low budget, the web series has some constraints. Though the constraints can be overlooked because of the excellent content. One time watch for sure and highly recommended.

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