LPPFusion Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

By | November 21, 2017

LPPFusion has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 million to fund the next major stage of their research to develop a cheap, clean, safe and unlimited source of energy. The campaign, which went live at Noon EST, Nov. 9 on the leading crowdfunding website Wefunder, is the first time that shares in LPPFusion will be available to all investors. In previous equity rounds, sales of shares in the US were limited to accredited investors—those with more than $1 million in assets or $200,000 in annual income. However, under new SEC rules approved last year, through the crowdfunding campaign, all investors, accredited and non-accredited, US and non-US, will be able to buy shares. A previous crowdfunding effort by LPPFusion in 2014 on the Indiegogo website raised $180,000 in donations, before the new rule allowed equity (share) crowdfunding.
LPPFusion is a small New Jersey R and D firm with the ambitious goal of reaching and developing a new route to producing fusion energy, the energy that powers the sun. Their technology is called Focus Fusion.
In the past month, LPPFusion has published, in the leading peer-reviewed journal Physics of Plasmas, a new world record in confined ion energy, equivalent to 200 times the temperature at the center of the sun. LPPFusion has also announced a new collaboration with the Center for Energy Research of the University of California, San Diego.
The $ 1 million dollars that the company hopes to raise through the crowdfunding camping will go to speed the scientific research by allowing the hiring of more researchers and by funding the next set of experiment. These experiments will use beryllium electrodes in the experimental FF-1 device and then proceed to the use of hydrogen-boron fuel. This fuel produces no radioactive waste. LPP Fusion has already raised more than half of their initial wefunder goal in a matter of a week.

About Focus Fusion Society:
Focus Fusion Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. Focus Fusion brings people together to pursue the dream of clean, accessible & abundant energy from fusion. Our goal is to make the resulting technology available to everyone.

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