Think Before You Think, Book Release By – Harish Gulati

For number of years, one of the most important ideas I have learnt and taught about is the power of ‘thinking outside the box’ — with a sense of adventure. We must challenge the status quo – to bring innovations, explore the unknown, invent new paths, and push boundaries to stay on the cutting-edge, or often, to create it!

Inside every person is more potential than the person themselves often realize, and we must challenge ourselves to constantly learn and grow every single day.

In Think Before You Think, Harish creates a paradigm shift by explaining in refreshingly entertaining and practical way – how our thoughts shape our personality, which in turn creates our personal reality. He emphasises on the fact, that lasting happiness and joy does not come from achieving new goals or change in our circumstances; it comes from living life in a beautiful state, in the present moment, and getting rid of the ‘interference – toxic thoughts’ that cause suffering in life. This one idea alone will literally transform the way you approach living your life and also the way you approach helping others journey to greatness.

This book provides insight into the human behaviour and new ways to approach old problems. The use of simple language, images, and illustrations used to convey the message across makes it appealing to readers of different ages and background. It provides a roadmap to everyone who wants to live an extraordinary life, a life by design- filled with energy, purpose and meaning.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From This Amazing Book

Conquer Fear, Anxiety and Worry – Advanced insight into human behaviour and strategies to master your mind, and become limitless in your pursuit.

Living Life in a Beautiful State – Advanced insight into neuroscience backed practices and skills that promote and regulate your levels of happiness, joy, and fulfilment in any given moment.

Boost Your Energy and Vitality – Advanced insight into physiology and well-being strategies, to reduce stress, increase mental stamina, and promote longevity.

Master Influence & Revitalize Relationships – Advanced insight into human psyche that will help you become more influential, persuade others, manage conflicts, and lead with integrity and power.

Discover Your Purpose & Find Your Passion – Advanced insight into daily practices, and thought provoking exercises to help you discover your true desire and vision in life.

About Empowered Thinking Academy:
Harish Gulati is a Success Coach,Best Selling Author of Interational Book – Think Before You Think. As a success coach he has helped numerous people transform their personal & professional lives. He is also the founder of Empowered Thinking Academy, an organization dedicated to enhance the human experience around the globe. Harish lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Aman & daughter Sage.

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