Essential Kitchens: The Interior Designing Boutique Company in Cape Town

By | February 14, 2018

Operating from Cape Town, Essential Kitchens specialises in installing and renovating kitchens, bedrooms and the interior space of offices. The boutique provides a wide range of options in antique, contemporary, classic and modern designs. The professional team of Essential Kitchens also helps their customers realise their dreams by offering customised designs for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and kitchens.

Essential Kitchens today have gained acclaim in and around Cape Town for their efficient and aesthetically pleasing designs of offices, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Before renovating or installing a new design they will show you the layout in 3D. This gives their clients an idea of how the interior will look after all the work is completed.

  • Kitchens

The boutique company’s forte is designing, revamping kitchen and installing kitchen components. The clients can select from modern, classic, contemporary or antique kitchen décor. A blend of antique and modern will lend a unique look to your kitchen. By appointing the specialists of Essential Kitchens, you will be able to create a dream-like kitchen with high-quality materials at an extremely affordable rate.

  • Bedrooms

Essential Kitchens can completely change the outlook of your bedroom by installing the latest designs of cupboards. They are versatile and can display an extensive range of designs of cupboards. Apart from designing, they renovate and install the bedroom cupboards. They offer classic, contemporary and modern bedroom designs. Customised cabinets are also available through Essential Kitchens.

  • Bathrooms

The specialists of Essential Kitchens have in-depth knowledge about the pricing and installation of bathroom cabinets and cupboards. They are known to create their clients’ ideal bathroom with the best quality materials available on the market. A large number of bathroom styles can be seen in their catalogues.

  • Offices

Designing and installation of office desks and cupboards is another niche of Essential Kitchens. The customised boutique kitchen company from Cape Town manufactures these office cupboards and cabinets with high-quality materials. They also provide customised solutions to meet their clients’ unique requirements. You can order the cupboards and desks beforehand. All their products are affordable.

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About the Company
Essential Kitchens is led by Jerome Kirsten who has over 15 years of experience in sales and design. The boutique specialises in designing layouts of kitchens, bedrooms and other areas and installing cabinets and cupboards.

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