Omni Energy Consultants: The Leading Coal Distributor and Energy Suppliers

By | February 14, 2018

Based in South Africa Omni Energy Consultants is a leading coal distributor that specialises in serving the energy requirements of their various types of industries and customers.  The company offers a wide range of services like coal products, small nuts, industrial peas, duff and anthracite at all its operations.

The company has been in the coal distribution business for many years. Their services are listed below:

1. Household Coal, Anthracite and Wooden Pellets

  • Omni Energy Consultants specialise in supplying energy efficient fuels for your home.  The company is a leading coal supplier in the Cape Town area that offers a wide range of fuels to their consumers at affordable pricing.
  • This company is well-known for supplying fuel with high-end heating solutions which are completely ideal for household applications.
  • Anthracite coal is generally considered as the highest rank of coal because of its rich carbon content and low amount of volatile matter. Omni Energy Consultants specialises in supplying anthracite coal that is widely used not only in household applications but in the manufacturing industry also.
  • This company generally offers 10kg, 25kg and 40 kg bags of Anthracite coals for domestic usages.
  • This company is also specialised in supplying wood pellets that are the most common types of pellet fuel used for power generation, commercial or residential heating and cooking.
  • As a biomass fuel wood pellets are preferable for their high burning rate, yet they are available at a low cost. Omni Energy generally offers 10kg, 25 kg and 40 kg bags of pellet woods for household uses.

2. Bulk Coal

  • Omni energy is well-known as the leading distributor of bulk coal in South Africa. The company specialises in supplying different grades of coal.
  • They also supply grade A coal for Boiler that has an output of above 80% higher graded coal to increase their efficiency.
  • Different types of coal that Omni Energy usually offers are Slurry, Duff, Spiral, Peas, Small /Large Nuts and Grains.

3. Coal Transporter

i. Omni Energy is emerging as the leading coal transporter in South Africa.

ii. Omni Energy generally uses the rail transportation network to distribute coal.

iii. Road freight is another major sector which is also used by Omni Energy to distribute coals.

iv. Thus, Omni Energy transports anthracite Coal for the household as well as bulk coal for industrial purposes by both road and rail.

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Omni Energy Consultants is a South African based company that is well-known for supplying energy solutions to their customers in their respected industries.  They generally distribute household coals, bulk coals and offer transportation at an affordable price.

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