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By | February 15, 2018

H.I.S. Enterprise is a world-renowned company specialising in creative conceptualisation and designs by the employment of an efficient in-house graphics team. Apart from various innovative products, the company is also known for being distributors of the EZ-film materials for the signage industry. These are ideal for indoor, outdoor uses while being reusable and easy to apply. The firm has thorough experience in supplying promotional products to leading consumer brands at a national level as well as to leading advertising and design agencies. The following are the various items in the product catalogue of the H.I.S. Enterprise:

1. Button badge: It is ideal for short-term promotional campaigns. The 4 standard sizes in which the company manufactures badges are 24mm, 37mm, 55 mm and 75mm. The badges are also made in rectangular and oval sizes with a pin or magnetic badge fittings.

2. Fridge magnets: The Company is an industry leader in the manufacture of die-cut, fully flexible fridge magnets which are printed with photographic resolution and finished with a gloss laminate. Some of the products under this category are kiss cut magnets, metal fridge magnets, photoframe magnets and die cut magnets.

3. Magnetic licence disc holders: Ideal for term finishing, discs are sized 90mm in diameter. The printing is done CMYK with a gloss laminate finish and supplied along with a flexible metal ring.

4 Magnetic car signs: These are made in standard sizes of 300x420mm and are ideal for branding your private vehicle and advertising your business.

5. Mouse pads and coasters: These are manufactured with natural, high-quality foam with excellent non-slip characteristics, which lends these a softer and lighter feel. The mouse pads are made in a rectangle with round corners, oval or round shapes whereas the coasters are made in square or round shapes.

6. Desk/counter mats: These are also manufactured with high-quality foam rubber with excellent non-slip characteristics which lend these a softer and lighter feel. These can be made in various shapes and sizes as per specific preferences of clients.

7. Magnetic sheeting: The oversized A3 sheets are sized 420x305mm. These are available as either plain or with a self-adhesive or a white vinyl on the reverse side.

Some of the other products manufactured by the company are self-adhesive magnetic pieces, conference name tags and ABS rulers.

For more information, refer to http://his-enterprise.co.za

About the company:

H.I.S. Enterprise was established in 1989 and has two decades of market, product and manufacturing experience. Applying its knowledge in the field of materials, substrates and printing, the company strives to enhance the quality of the variety of core products that it manufactures.

2 Ringer Park, Printers Way, Montague Gardens
7443, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 5515827