Different Types of Lift Equipment Manufactured By BRI-TON LIFTMASTER

By | February 19, 2018

BRI-TON LIFTMASTER is a company specialising in the manufacture and supply of lifting equipment. The company uses updated and modern technology to offer an increasing range of products and services. The services of the BRI-TON Liftmaster have been discussed below:

The company exhibits an unparalleled, full-service capability in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of cranes, overhead cranes, hoists, industrial chain blocks, level blocks, passenger lifts, goods hoists, industrial roller shutter doors and conveyor belts.

Maintenance: The Health and Safety Act of 1974, Regulation 18(2)(B) necessitates the maintenance of passenger lift doors. Failure to do so may lead to prosecution which will, in turn, result in invalidation of your warranty. The company also provides for excellent after sales contracts that cater to the personalised benefits of the customers of the company. The company performs routine crane maintenance services which improve the production and safety of manufacturing units.

Installation: The in-house design team of BRI-TON Liftmaster is equipped with tailor-crafted products which meet the specific requirements of individual clients. The companies’ experts in their installation teams are committed to serving their clients’ requirements with the assurance of top-notch workmanship and quality on-site finishes.

Load testing: BRI-TON Liftmaster has been approved by the South African Department of labour in terms of driven machinery regulations regarding the examining and performance testing of lifting equipment. The company’s workshop is equipped with a variety of lifting and pulling test rigs, which enable the testing of various forms of lifting equipment and lifting tackle. The company can test and certify lifting beams, cranes, machine lugs, lifting machines, materials handling equipment, forklifts, good hoists, scissor lifts. The experts also provide in-house testing services for brackets, slings, shackles, eye bolts, spreaders and general lifting devices.

Repairs: BRI-TON Liftmaster offers a wide range of customised solutions to its clients starting from inspections and certifications to installations and upgrades. The technicians provide industrial manufacturers with the most reliable crane, good hoists, lifting tackle roller shutter door repair and maintenance services.

Some of the products sold by BRI-TON Liftmaster are:

  • General Lift Tackle
  • Good Hoists
  • White Rope Hoists
  • Shutter Doors
  • Chain Hoists

For more information, refer to http://www.BRI-TON.co.za/

About the company
BRI-TON Liftmaster is a company specialising in the manufacturing and supply of the lifting equipment industry. It was established in 1986 with the aim of offering tailor-made solutions for lifting applications using various technologies. The services include design, manufacture installation, supply, repair and maintenance of all types of cranes, industrial roller shutter doors, conveyor belts etc.

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