Data Entry India: The Leading Offshore Data Entry Service Provider

By | February 20, 2018

Data Entry India is a leading offshore company that provides data entry services to the clients worldwide.  The company delivers both online and offline data entry services to meet the basic requirements of the clients. They specialise in combining business domain knowledge with advanced technology and high-quality methodologies to deliver productive results at an affordable price to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

The services offered by them are listed below:-

  • Data Entry Service
  • Data Processing Service
  • Data conversion Service
  • Data Cleansing Service
  • Data Mining Service

1. Data Entry Service

Data Entry India is one of the popular offshore companies in India that offers domain- oriented data entry service.  This type of service includes processing clerical data by outsourced data entry operators. Their data entry service includes various high-quality services like:-

  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • PDF data entry
  • Cart data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Excel data entry
  • MS Access data entry
  • XML Data entry

2. Data Processing Services

Data Entry India also provides data processing services that have become a trend with many large and small corporate organisations. This type of service basically focuses on the keen market strategies to achieve greater market benefits like cost restricting, pricing developments and reducing overheads.  Data Entry India generally delivers all types of data processing services like:-

  • Image processing services
  • Word processing services
  • Claim processing services
  • Forms processing services
  • Survey data processing services

3. Data conversion service

Data Entry India is one of the leading outsourcing data entry companies thatprovide data conversion services to help the clients across the globe by converting a large amount of data into easily accessible information.  Their data conversion services include:-

  • Data conversion from paper
  • Data conversion from books
  • Data conversion from image files in any format
  • Data conversion from offline systems to online applications
  • Data conversion of the Business transaction and many others.

4. Data Cleansing service

Data cleansing is a process of detecting or rectifying the inaccurate and corrupt data. It is performed interactively to replace, modify or delete the irrelevant part of data. Data Entry India provides Data Cleansing service that includes services like:-

  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Alignment
  • Data standardization
  • Data de-Duplication Services
  • Mailing List Cleanup services
  • E-mail validation service.

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About the company
Data entry India is a leading offshore outsourcing company situated in India. This organisation delivers high-quality services like data entry, data conversion, data processing and many others at an affordable price with perfect accuracy and precision.

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