Ultimate Hand-Made Jewellery Designers: Kahns Jewellers

By | February 22, 2018

Kahns jewellery and manufacturing is a personalised jewellery shop for high quality and beautiful collections of precious jewellery. They’re famous for their expertise in crafting the most intricately designed jewellery for their customers. The company has a history of showcasing fashion jewellery since 1980 and the owners are proud to have specialised experience in jewellery designing and creating ornaments that satisfy the requirements of their customers. This company was first established in Rondebosch and has shifted to Sandown road, parklands at the Emporium Centre. The team consists of skilled designers who have years of experience in making custom-made designs and accepting challenging tasks to complete a customer’s demand.

Here are the customised jewellery services offered by Kahns jewellers and designers:

With several experts on board, Kahns jewellers extend their services in jewellery appraisals for their customers. The appraisers are specialists capable of updating and evaluating a customer’s jewellery and they also offer insurance for their ornaments.

Custom-Design Jewellery
Kahns custom-based jewellery is a heavenly match for clients who prefer customised designs over traditional ones to complete their sensational look. They design hand-made jewellery while keeping the wishes and suggestions of their clients in high regard.

Commemorative Jewellery
To adorn special occasions in one’s life, Kahns jewellers caters to the demands for a wide range of commemorative jewellery that is no less than a marvel. Carving an image of your loved ones by engraving it on any art work, Kahns’ tailor-made commemorative jewellery makes every event, unforgettable.

Engraving on Glass & Metal
Kahns jewellers engrave on any glass & metal which allows their customers to preserve any date, name or beautiful memories on their ornaments.

Manufacturing & Design Process
Kahns’ expert team of designers can help you create your dream jewellery by just mailing them a design of your choice. Their advanced designing and manufacturing process helps bring out every aspect of jewellery.

Re-threading & Watch Repair
The unique jewellery manufacturers Kahns jewellery offer re-threading of pearl ornaments as well. In addition to pearl jewellery, unlike other jewellers, they deliver all sorts of exclusive watch services to guarantee the best care for your precious accessories.

Casting helps to replicate the same item from an individual’s prized possession. Kahns jewellers’ team guides their customers through different steps of casting and present them with an unmatched final product that is in accordance with their wishes.

If you wish to know more about their expertise, you may check out their full-fledged website, http://Kahnsjewellers.co.za/ which showcases all their specialities.

Kahns Jewellers is a customised jewellery manufacturing company established in 1980, presently located in Cape Town that specialises in designing handcrafted ornaments. They’re reputed for providing their customers with additional services such as casting, engraving, threading and repairing of precious jewellery.

The emporium, Sandown Rd, Parklands,
7441, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 021 5541260