American Wordsmiths Goes Digital With Apple

By | February 24, 2018

Montoursville, PA – February 24, 2018 – American Wordsmiths,, annouced that American Wordsmiths can be downloaded free of charge as an app on the Apple Store for iOS devices. This means that this new writing service will send a writer to people looking to preserve their family memories.
According to an Apple Preview, “A Wordsmith can write for weddings, reunions, parties, or simply personal moments, letters or poetry.
⦁ Request a wordsmith to write your stories, or a friend/family member’s stories
⦁ Select from several writing packages that will meet your needs
⦁ Work with your wordsmith to create a story that can be made public or private
⦁ Create tags and story codes to make creations easily searchable
⦁ Read from many interesting stories penned by a wordsmith
⦁ Comment on stories that are made public and get notified when people comment on yours
⦁ Post and see photos that help bring writing to life.”
To offer feedback, get more information on American Wordsmiths and/or services offered, email at or and customers will recieve a reply within 24 hours.

About American Wordsmiths

American Wordsmiths is a new writing service. It is a record keeping of histories that go unnoticed the most – ones that are usually and understandably not taught in schools, due to its abandance and growth. It recognizes and embraces the fact that we are all somebodies from the moments we’re born and not just when and if we become famous. American Wordsmiths is a recording of the histories of everyday people. From simple moments such as the first time you looked into the eyes of a crush who turned out to be the love of your life, how you felt just before you took and made the winning shot at a basketball game, to chapters of significant times in your/relatives’ lives, to full blown stories that can be shared from generation to generation, American Wordsmiths recruits a published author to write the stories of everyday people as if they weren’t everyday people.

Headquartered in Cupertino, CA, Apple Inc is an international technology company that manufactures and sells online services, computer software and electronics. Products include iTunes and iPhones.


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About American Wordsmiths, LLC:
American Wordsmiths are captivated by the lives of people around us. From a grandfather who ran a speakeasy in the1920’s, to a women’s rights activist in the 1960’s, people living complex and vivid lives. American Wordsmiths strives to record the histories of everday people. This is a lower costing ghostwriting service with the help of a highly skilled writer.

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