Treadstone 71 to Deliver Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training in Online Format

By | February 25, 2018

Treadstone 71 (T71) announced today the April 2018 online availability of their Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification course. T71 built the online Cyber Intelligence and Cyber CounterIntelligence courses at Utica College eight years ago as an 8-week online master’s program. Due to great demand, T71 will now take these courses back to the highly sought after online format.

“We have received dozens of requests for online training related to our intelligence programs,” said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for T71. “The courses will follow the same curriculum as the in-person training requiring the same hands-on instruction but with a greater flexibility for selected case studies.”
T71’s training is based upon the intelligence community tradecraft derived from Sherman Kent (CIA) and validated by students from the intelligence community who have taken the Treadstone 71 courses. The T71 courses started at Utica College generated a flood of interest in Intelligence, leading to an oft emulated program.

“The Treadstone 71 training is based in physical tradecraft as adapted to the cyber arena,” continued Bardin. “No other organization delivers tradecraft instruction and methods that drive prevention while serving as the basis of cyber and threat intelligence programs for many of the Fortune 500. Students from the intelligence community indicate this course is the best private sector course ever taken to help students understand cyber threat intelligence tradecraft,” continued Bardin. “Students state this course allows them to simulate real and live working environments where they collaborate together to harvest open sources, build their own targeted information sharing and analysis center (ISAC), analyze data, draft reports, and satisfy stakeholder needs.”

Treadstone 71’s training differs greatly from the purely technical, incident response-based trainings delivered in the marketplace today. Courses focus on the real needs today, that being the creation of intelligence for prevention and forward-looking forecasts. Treadstone 71 teaches organizations to build their own ISAC creating real intelligence shifting the paradigm from the high-cost, data/information-only ISACs prevalent in the market today.

About Treadstone 71:
Treadstone 71 ( ), founded in 2002, a woman and veteran owned small business delivers cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, infiltration, clandestine cyber HUMINT, OSINT training and analysis, cyber psychological and high-value target acquisition operations. 71’s experience in building cyber intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. For more info

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