Raoson Business & Softech Solutions Launches “Esuitx HRMS – An advanced HRMS Software”

Raoson Business & Softech Solutions, a renowned company in Information Technology & Business Consultancy, today announced the launch of “Esuitx HRMS – The premium HR software”. A software is essentially programmed for Human Resource Development and Organizational Development, to capitalize futuristic development and business needs. Esuitx HRMS is exclusively automated solution for sustainable employee and cultural development. RAOSON has identified that there is a quintessential need of synchronization in the Human Resource and the employee quarter. To fill up communication and task management gap, Esuitx developers have established a software for HR functions.
Esuitx HRMS inclines to the use of Employee Data Tracking, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Automated Payroll System and Employee Self Servicing along with a unique feature of “Task Management”. As there is quiche need in the market to harmonize HR policies, Esuitx HRMS is a great tool to gain Business momentum. With Customization according to Customer needs and a Safe Data Operating system, Esuitx HRMS enables more resource productivity. The software enables Multi-Tasking and is well integrated with Web Compatibility which leads to increase substantiality in organizing and decision making. With a unique feature of Task Management, employee performance analysis has become easy and enables management to decide on skill development program required for employees. Potentially a huge turnover in the market while saving your time and money, it enables your Employee Data tracking, attendance management, Leave management and automated payroll system. Thus the tool is not only adding pace and accuracy to HR functions but also add better efficiency to various business functions.
According to Mr. Nayan Kumar Rao, Managing Director, Raoson Business & Softech Solutions, “We are extremely excited with Esuitx HRMS as it is an advanced technology solution that has ever been introduced which fits in the budget for all businesses. Most of the business still manage all HR processes manually which is tedious and time-consuming task and leave very limited scope to HR department to work on more productive tasks. Esuitx HRMS, with the ability to simplify the processes with better efficiency and accuracy, will receive great acceptance from everyone”.
With the help of Esuitx HRMS, employee engagement and motivation can be enhanced that adds better value to the growth of any organization.

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