Marguerite Photography: The Leading Photographer of South Africa

By | March 13, 2018

Marguerite Photography is one of the leading photographers in South Africa that has covers a wide range of assignments across various genres of photography. Marguerite Photography is an experienced photographic company that has firmly established itself as South Africa’s leading photograph specialist. The company has understood the basic requirements of both the event organisers and the clients. Marguerite Photography, situated in the Western Cape specialises in events and portrait photography.  They have 11 years of experience in event photography, property photography and portraits.

The reputation of the Marguerite Photography depends on the consistently high levels of service, the expert professional photographers, creative excellence and the fact that they pay attention to details to ensure they provide the best service to their clients.

Some of the important services provided by Marguerite Photography are discussed below:

Event Photography

  • Marguerite Photography is motivated in providing the best quality images that capture every detail of your event.
  • This reputed photographic company is capable of providing professional services to all kinds of events like the corporate events, private events, team building and racing events.
  • They have over 10 years of photography and clientele experience.
  • They are experienced in capturing beautiful artistic images that make for great marketing material and can attract clients when posted on the social media websites.

Property Photography

  • High demand for professional quality images in the property industry is a reality and Marguerite Photography fulfils the demand by providing quality services to the industry.
  • Marguerite Photography also captures the interiors of an apartment or an office space. This photographic company is capable of providing unique services because of their technical knowledge and also because of their proper understanding of the property industry.
  • They also provide exterior photography services at an affordable rate.


  • Pictures are one of the most important tools through which people express their personality and prospects both in professional and personal life.
  • Marguerite Photography has an experienced portfolio photography team that is capable of capturing all kinds of portraits for professional portfolios.
  • This South African photographic company is experienced in delivering excellent results catering to all the basic requirements of their clients.

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Marguerite Photography has 11 years of experience in providing high-resolution, high-quality work and professional services.  Situated in the Western Cape they provide services like event photography, property photography, and portraits.

19 Ravenswood Road, Parkland,
Western Cape, 7441, South Africa
Tel: (+27)76 840 2202