Accountability: An Online Service provider to Reduce Business Risk

By | April 3, 2018

Accountability is a South African company well-known for providing protection to a business by reducing credit risk. Their services are not only limited to large corporate organisations but other business entities like start-ups or SMEs can also become the valued members of the company.

Their quality services are discussed below:

1. Default Management
The actions of Default management service are divided into two parts:

i. Notice to Debtor (FORM-A):- They send notice to the debtor to get the response from them. According to the statistics, 98% tend to respond to the initial notice.

ii. Add to Database Form (FORM-B): If no initial response was found from debtors, then the enlisted members of Accountability completes the “Add to Database Form B” as Accountability is instructed to list the member’s debtor as a defaulter on the database of the Credit Bureaus.

iii. Update Database Form (FORM-C): If the payment is done by the defaulters, then the members inform Accountability to update the listing.

2. Access to Collection Services
This service provides its members with accessing independently registered debt collectors by using the Accountability System. The steps are discussed below:

i. Debt Collection Facilitation
Although Accountability is not a debt collecting agency, yet they help in maintaining a strategic partnership with debt collectors to assist in collecting the outstanding amount from a debtor as possible.

ii. Engage Legal Collections
They assist their members in engaging the legal collection by providing them a number of legal firms if litigation becomes necessary.

3. Credit Management: This South African based Company helps members from diverse industries in managing their risk and helping them in keeping up the healthy relationship with their customers. The credit management service is done through the following steps:

i. Business Information Reports: They help you in reducing the risk by providing the previous debt information of your clients, partners, and suppliers.

ii. Consumer Information Reports: They provide their members access to all the virtual information regarding every credit-active adult in South Africa.

iii. Industry flagging – Default Listing: The detailed summary helps in reporting the business that they have listed and is updated on the National Database.

iv. Bank codes: A bank code is basically a report of the financial position of an individual or a business.

4. Deed Searches: They provide their members the access to information about properties in South Africa that belong to a certain person or company.

5. Judgment Removal Request: This service helps members in instructing affiliated attorneys, BLV for judgment removals.

To know more about their services and programmes please visit their website:

Accountability helps in reducing credit risk in any corporate organisation and their highly- trained team provides full support and proper assistance to increase your business growth.

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