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By | April 4, 2018

There are several disadvantages of using regular smartphones. Although regular phones are good for mundane operations, they are not suitable for heavy-duty applications. Most smartphones tend to break if they fall from great a height. Ordinary devices are prone to damages, as they are brittle and cannot operate in rough external conditions. Rugged Mobile understands the necessity of heavy-duty handhelds. Its extensive range of rugged devices is designed with durable materials to extend unprecedented strength and support.

All its rugged computers come with ultra-tough exteriors which can withstand severe shock and tough industrial circumstances. This is why rugged devices are apt for a number of industrial applications, from mining, construction to field research.

Some Benefits of Rugged Handhelds

Apart from high durability, rugged devices are recognised for a host of advantages.

  • To begin with, rugged devices can function in all types of exposed working conditions, as all the products are rigorously tested according to military standards. Some of the parameters on which rugged handhelds are tested include temperature range, MIL-STD and IP rating.
  • Due to the rugged quality of the devices, rugged handhelds are immune to ballistic shocks and extreme temperatures.
  • Rugged devices come in various forms, as tablets, notebooks, mobile phones and handhelds, serving myriads of functions, from scanning, collecting data, crunching numbers, browsing graphics to mobile ticketing.
  • Some devices have barcode scanning facilities and are suitable for logistical operations.
  • Most of the rugged devices come with one or more 2500mAH batteries, allowing users to use the device for a long period of time.

Products on Offer

Jagged in appearance and available with easy-to-use interfaces, Rugged Mobile’s impressive range of heavy-duty products have a number of pronounced advantages over regular smart devices, which are incompetent for rough operations. Some of its key products are listed below:

  • Algiz® 8X
  • Algiz RT7
  • Algiz 7®
  • Algiz® 10X
  • Nautiz X1®
  • Nautiz X2
  • Nautiz X8
  • Nautiz eTicket Pro II

For more information about Rugged Mobile, visit their official website: http://www.ruggedmobile.co.za/

About Rugged Mobile 
Based in Johannesburg, Rugged Mobile is South Africa’s leading destination for heavy-duty appliances. Its impressive range of rugged devices, which includes various types of mobile phones, notebooks, tablets and handhelds, is one-of-its-kind, boasting a number of advantages. Operational in extreme conditions, Rugged Mobile’s ultra-rugged devices are fit for any types of field activities, from mining, farming, logistical applications to scientific research.

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