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By | April 19, 2018

Medical Aid is the right platform to find the most suitable medical scheme, which fits your budget and healthcare requirements. It is the leading online platform for accessing crucial information and guidance required for procuring medical schemes and health covers. The technologically advanced platform offers scope to input your requirements and benefit needs, based on which you can select your healthcare scheme or health cover. This platform offers you the relevant and important information required for informed decision making. Medical Aid makes it easy to make an informed decision from the comforts of your home or even your mobile device.

The different medical schemes offered are established brands that provide effective health cover for you and your family. It is the most efficient platform that assists by catering to all your specific needs and requirements.

Products Offered By Medical Aid:

  • Keyhealth Medical Scheme:

Keyhealth Medical Scheme is among the most popular medical schemes in South Africa. This scheme is administered by PPS Healthcare and it values transparency wanting their members to realise the real value of money. They also offer smart health care options for their customers. This medical aid covers five main packages to achieve their motto “simple but effective”.

  • Discovery Health:

This is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa that offers coverage to its 2.7 million beneficiaries. They aim to deliver better health options for its members and their current market share is above 50%. They offer 23 options including private hospital cover, suitable for all of their members. Their wellness programme leads their members to live a healthy life.

  • FedHealth:

Established in 1936, FedHealth has become a preferred health partner to thousands of people and their families. They have a wide range of options catering to the basic needs and requirements of their customers. FedHealth is administered by Medscheme and they aim to fulfil all the basic health needs of their customers.

  • Medihelp:

This is one of South Africa’s topmost medical schemes that have more than 110 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Covering more than 200,000 lives, it offers 10 options providing basic health care for its members. The options provided by them range from stand-alone hospital plans to more comprehensive plans providing chronic care to its members.

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Medical Aid is one of the leading online platforms that provides access to the top medical schemes in South Africa. This platform is the most effective and easiest medium that offers the best medical plan for you, catering to your basic health needs and requirements.

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