Start-Up Side-Steps Gun Control Debate with Unique Solution for Protecting People from Mass Shooting

Practical Protection, a Seattle-based start-up, has developed CoverMe-Seat, a portable, multi-functional stadium-style seat, which converts within seconds into a bulletproof vest. CoverMe-Seat protects the wearer’s front & back from high-caliber bullets, and includes space for a supplemental ballistic shield that can protect even against powerful weapons like AR-15s.

“No one wants to be thinking about how to protect their loved ones from mass shooting situations, but we are living in a time when folks are legitimately concerned,” said Practical Protection Founder, Aaron Ansel. “Our executive team was weary of the polarization surrounding the gun control debate. We wanted viable, immediate solutions, so we came up with our own.”

CoverMe-Seat, which weighs just over five pounds, is meant to provide a convenient, lightweight solution for people wanting protection & peace of mind in public places, such as sporting events, music festivals, movies, and concerts, or while commuting via cars, busses, or trains. The discrete design also allows for daily use as a seat-insert at workplaces and schools.

The seat is a superior alternative to bulletproof backpacks & inserts because it protects against both frontal and rear assaults, and unlike most other options, the auxiliary rear plate is certified to stop multiple hits from powerful guns like the AR-15. Central Florida teacher & early customer Mike Crawford purchased his because “it protects against the weapons we are trained to assume a mass shooter could carry.”

Practical Protection was started by a team of parents who wanted to find a way to help their families and friends feel safer with a solution as apolitical as a fire extinguisher. “People want to feel safe, but no-one is going to wear a bulletproof vest every time they go outside. Our goal with the CoverMe-Seat was to engineer a cost-effective product that overcame barriers to daily use,” said Co-founder & Chief Engineer, Andrew Enke. “We knew we had created something special when we saw our lightweight and comfortable chair withstand multiple .44 magnum rounds.”

CoverMe-Seat is available to pre-order for $100 on Orders placed before May 15 will ship by June, 2018. After the pre-order phase, CoverMe-Seat will retail for about $130. The supplemental plate retails for $90.

About Practical Protection:
Practical Protection is the creator of the CoverMe-Seat, a portable seat that transforms within 3-5 seconds into a bullet-resistant vest. The CoverMe-Seat provides comfort and security anywhere you need it… office, classroom or outdoors.

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