Victor Meenach has launched a new website, aimed at sexual humor.

By | April 27, 2018

Author diffuses conflicts in relationships with humor and candid sexual truth.

Mother Nature versus Society and Religion when it comes to sex, ( individual DNA genetics versus sociological beliefs creates conflicts.

Can the author’s entertaining, yet psychologically scientific theory of MONOGAMOUS/PROMISCUITY serve to eliminate these conflicts, such as jealousy, suspicion, cheating, Etc., even sexual boredom and carve a daily path to sexual peace of mind for the couple? Can it completely eliminate the entire concept of cheating, whether there are outside promiscuous encounters or not? Can the couple enjoy the best of both sexual worlds?

Of course they can. ” So what if another man screws your wife” and subtitled ” a pathway to sexual peace of mind” provides insights and questions that have plagued couples for thousands of years with no solution until now. This book is unlike any other book, having only one or two pages per chapter filled with humor, philosophical romantic poems, and hard-hitting sexual truth that all adults suffer from. It makes a great door opening gift to your partner to open conversation on such a delicate topic. Wives love it and laugh. Men laugh too. Both understand the age old dilemma of individual sexual freedom and the true love monogamy of the couple.

This book neutralizes these two fiercely opposing forces and allows they couple to form a powerful bond of Oneness with each other.

About Victor Meenach:
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