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By | June 6, 2018

Rich Meats is your online destination for hygienic and farm fresh meat. Peter Jacobs and Richard Urisohn started Rich Meats, with the sole objective of offering high-quality meats. The company now owns a manufacturing as well as a distribution facility in Milnerton. Rich Meats believes in offering a personalised service to the customers, built on the policy of integrity and trust. The company aims to stay ahead in the industry with their highly innovative strategies and unmatched creativity. The company aims to continuously introduce newer products.

Rich Meats offers a wide number of products which include farm fresh poultry and pork products. Other products offered by the company include lamb, mince, pork, burgers, beef, bacon and more products. The company offers special selections of meat, which is prepared for the industry. These include a complete range of poultry which includes a number of sausage products, cold meats, venison, free range, bacon and more.

The products offered by Rich Meats adhere to strict safety standards and are known to be:

  • Healthy and Hygienic – Special efforts are made to ensure that all products offered are healthy and clean.
  • True Value – Rich Meats takes pride in offering high-quality meat products. The company ensures that all customers are highly satisfied. The products are affordable and healthy, offering complete value for money.
  • Farm Fresh Meats – In their effort to provide high-quality meats, the company sources meats from a number of suppliers.

Products Available Include:

  • Bacon – Customers can purchase different types of bacon which include prime cut bacon, back bacon, steaky bacon, diced bacon hand cut and simple diced bacon.
  • Cold Meats – Meat lovers can purchase smoked chicken fillet, smoked ham sliced, sandwich ham, Italian salaami sliced, cocktail cheese griller and more.
  • Beef – This includes beef stew, regular mince, lean mince, sirloin whole, kebabs, beef short ribs and more.
  • Burgers – Shoppers can try some delicious varieties of burgers which include cheese burgers, BBQ burgers, cocktail burgers, rich gourmet burgers and more products.
  • Biltong – Some of the most in demand products include Biltong Powder, Chili Snapstix, Beef Biltong, Beef Biltong sliced and more.

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About Rich Meats:
Rich Meats is the online destination for farm fresh meat, available at the most affordable price. Their products are hygienic and healthy. The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction, which it strives to achieve with affordable high-quality products. Pork, Poultry, Bacon, Beef, Burgers, Game, Lamb are some of the products available.

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