Ultimate Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Website

By | June 7, 2018

Many of you heard about term ”SEO”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine result. SEO is used for website ranking purpose so that anyone who have website related to business, Personal purpose can put their website on top of the search engine page.The importance of of SEO in software development company is highly increasing and when running a software company then it is important to know that how power full SEO is. So Now the question is Why There is need of SEO for your website in any Software Development Company or in terms of business growing?

There are many people who  reached out with a tons of problems related to their business and sales purpose. Your business will be the first thing users see when they search for topics related to your niche and that is why we  have targeted this questions in this article –

Conduct Competitive Research :

One of essential factor in SEO is competitive research.Competitive research in marketing and management is a crucial part in order to know strength and weaknesses of current and potential competitors within your market. We should  first look from the customers point of view and accordingly one can make group of them to motivate about business strategies.Once you have grouped them all, you can work upon their strategies and areas where they are most vulnerable.
The weakness and strength of competitors mainly depend upon skills and tact which any market would desire for.

Some Software Development Company hire professionals to track the competitors and assess the competitive landscape on daily basis.Keeping track of your competitors, what people are saying about them can help you in your business to make you stand out among all unwanted rush. Every business should gather information about their competitors, you should keep your eyes.
always wide open. By Competitive research one can help in understanding the market and can target the precise customers as per business need. One should know what competitors are offering like what products/price.

On-Page SEO – Keyword Research

As name suggest, On-page SEO means making changes ON  website in order to rank website and earn  quality of traffic in search engine. The higher your pages can rank your pages on google,yahoo the more traffic your website is likely to get.

On-page simply deals with following factors –

Title of Page –

One of your important factors on your website is Title of website. Only by looking at title one can have idea about article you have written. So it is important to give a unique title to your page along with targeting main keyword. Because using a right keyword for targeting is one of the important factor.

Meta Description –

It has been seen that most of people forget to include Meta description for their pages. Because while searching for any result meta description along with keywords is listed. Meta description allows users to have a short summary of given search result.

URL Structure –

It is essential to include search engine friendly URL’s when there is time to find some search results. URL that includes targeted keywords performs better in search engine.

Heading Tags –

When there is a point to write any kind of article, Then use h1, h2 etc tags to break up your content into small section and paragraph as well so that reader can read with more easy manner. h1 tags are generally used for main heading purpose. This is why keyword rich headlines are more useful than generic ones.

Keyword Density –

Use of relevant keyword throughout content is most important task as it helps to know what content is about. However tr not to stuff repeated keywords or overuse of keywords may lead you website banned  Search Engine.To avoid this issue, you should keep your keyword density in between 2-5%.

Image SEO –

As having image to your site or content is important to view it on small platform or large platform. Including  a good image with your content is a very good way of making content highlighted as it will grab the attention of visitors. You can also use ALT tag and description to make your content look more eye catching.

Focus on long-tail keywords that match the user of your reader – 

Long tail keywords are those keywords that has phrase along with three to four keywords.
These kind of keywords are easy to fine in terms of single head keywords.Long tail keyword provide context to your content and make your put on higher search engine page. Moreover post focused on long tail keyword provide more value to reader.

What is the Relation of SEO and Content?

What is SEO ?

Before we discuss relation between SEO and Content Marketing, It is important to have a solid knowledge on each term. SEO is used to rank the targeted keyword by optimizing on page factors on website and building internal links, maintaining social media presence  All of these tactics work together to help a particular page to put on rank when user type one of a keyword.

What is Content Marketing ?

On the other hand, For the last few year content marketing has become very popular.Content marketing  deals with high quality of content after all unique content is king for every web pages and their relative site. The web pages you create can be improve your audience in order to make good content.

 What is the relation between SEO  and Content Marketing ?

SEO and Content Marketing has very great mutual relationship.Including keywords in the content you create helps it rank better in search engines, meaning that it will attract more traffic and be more effective in reaching your content marketing goals. Conversely, adding strong content to your site will improve its authority, which will give a boost to your overall SEO.

How Does SEO Work ?

The world of SEO is full of  tons of search engines,opinion,terms.Search engine have two major functions crawling and building an index and providing users to b rank website on top of search engine result page. When there is a point how SEO works one should keep focus on onsite Search Engine Optimization element. Because this is most imperative components when one deals with how SEO works. One should keep focus on title and meta description, header tag, image structures,internal linking. And on other hand, Off page SEO otherwise known as link building. These are the natural links that you do not need to request, and that is why they are the best kind of links. Particularly in the event that you can get them on sites with high authority scores, they would be more effective. Uniqueness of content really matters while it is for both-site visitors and search engine.

What is Website Analysis ?

– Website analysis is very important for any website owner. When one use website analysis tool then you are given information such as:

– Total amount visitors to your site, What percentage of inbound links you have got that means how much  visitors came from outside, Total amount of new users, Where you page rank in search engine using keywords.With this information you are able to benchmark your campaigns in order to show what is working and what is not.

– There are many reasons to grow your business using website analysis. Many time it gets difficult to pick up the right keyword for your target audience. Using analysis tool you can analyse which keywords should be used which are not. The analysis tool let you know that where you stand and which keywords are more effective in order to come up on search engine page.

– If you want more traffic on your site, you first have to know where it is coming from. The analysis will show you exactly where your traffic is generated and show you the quality of your traffic.
This can really help you improve the quality of your site. Bad links can destroy your website’s professional appearance.

– With the analysis, you are able to quickly check all of the links connected to your site: external, internal, outbound or inbound. The tool can check your website for original content, let you know if there is irrelevant content on your page, and even help you create SEO friendly content. It does this by offering details on the most effective keywords and phrases on your site.