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By | June 13, 2018

SANCA Western Cape dedicate educated people to create awareness of drug abuse and provide essential care to those who have been the victim of alcohol and drugs. The abuse prevention and treatment centre acts in three layers to move the patient towards a healthy lifestyle.

Primary Prevention is the initial step taken before addiction can escalate. Through their various awareness campaigns if it is understood that a person is leaning towards substance abuse then he/she is given special care to build resilience and trained to stay away from drugs. Secondary Prevention is concerned about youth, women and people who had faced substance abuse in the workplace. SANCA ensures that the residents of the Western Cape suffering from abuse go through educational initiatives and life skills training to eliminate the risk of becoming a high-level drug abuser. Tertiary Prevention initiatives are mainly focused on those who have developed a substance abuse problem. This program provides comprehensive support and a treatment package that also includes aftercare services.

Prevention Programmes: POPPETS (Programme of Primary Prevention), Youth Programme and FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) Awareness Programmes are incorporated in the prevention programme category. The POPPETS Programme targets the pre-school group using puppetry and story-telling methodologies while the Youth Programme focuses on creating awareness among the middle school and high school students. Other than educating and awareness creating programmes, FASD Prevention Program also focuses on identifying and equipping women such that they make informed choices. The aim is to make high-risk women and teenage girls from impoverished areas understand the risk of substance abuse during pregnancy.

Out Patient Programmes: It has been observed that substance abuse in the region of Western Cape has increased significantly among teenagers and young adults. The Out-Patient Programme offered by SANCA Western Cape helps the patient understand that he/she has become addicted and also helps in overcoming the situation. The key to do this is to create a positive image of one’s self and build proper networking and support systems. The centre also informs the patients’ parents/guardians and also provides instructions on how to support them.

Corporate Services: SANCA Western Cape also takes care of workplace substance abuse effectively. They actively take part in forming new policies and procedures that will keep the employees in check and prevent them from taking drugs. Testing the employees for suspected intoxication is also a part of the programme.

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SANCA Western Cape aims to spread the message about all the adverse effects of substance abuse through education and awareness campaigns. They have different programmes catering to different age groups.

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