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By | June 25, 2018

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On Aug 2016 Vitaminhaat aka Varion Food Sciences Pvt Ltd acquired land in MIDC, Maharashtra for undisclosed amount for health supplements manufacturing facility.

The vision behind own manufacturing was to have complete control over sourcing of genuine raw materials from growers to encapsulation and final packing in ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP certified facility of supplements and ayurvedic medicines to cater to Indian market and US.

So while he was working with Varion LifeSciences Pvt Ltd realised the Dietary Supplements growth in the west was almost getting saturated and now these products started finding good place in Indian consumers, with having disposable income to take proactive steps for their health.

And being a health conscious person himself, Sanjay always wanted to do something in the Dietary healthcare industry for India too.

The best part here was that, Sanjay had already been working in the Healthcare segment since a pretty long time. Hence, as he saw an opportunity, he decided to grab it.

Now their beginning was rather unusual. Even though they were clear in the heads that they wanted to do something in the Healthcare sector, but exactly what they wanted to do was yet uncertain. Hence, before they started the portal, they went on to try their hands into different sub-sectors.
From getting into public healthcare, to providing practice management software to independent physicians and small clinics, they literally tested waters with at least two to three different business models. But nothing seemed to be appealing to them.

Nevertheless this turned out to be a learning phase out of which they gained gaining enough experience and understanding of how the Indian healthcare industry works. And when the talk happened, they realised that they actually should and also wanted to be in the B2C (Business to Consumer) segment.
Hence, E-commerce played its role and with 4 team members this gave birth to!

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