Korck Components: Leaders in Woodworking and Décor Industry

By | July 17, 2018

Korck Components Pty Ltd was officially established as a company in February 2016. But, the journey had started in 2009 when Grant and Deon Africa did all kinds of wood turning work. Korck Components has grown rapidly and today, manages wholesale as well as one-piece furniture and sculptures.

Bespoke/Custom: This category refers to wood furniture or art pieces created by Korck Components for a particular purpose or client. The company takes special care when manufacturing bespoke items as they are usually commissioned by sculptors, artists or architects. At Korck Components, the cost of manufacturing bespoke or custom items depends on the ability to turn large items. Apart from producing turned items, the company also manufactures full furniture pieces. Korck Components team is highly skilled in manufacturing and producing of a wide variety of wood components.

Boutique: Contracts are signed between Korck Components and the client as, in this caser; the company will manufacture a specific range of items only for that client. People who order boutique furniture pieces or sculptures are mainly those who own small shops or a part of distribution network. Korck Components can produce the items and leave them in different levels of completion as stated by the clients. The company also completely manufactures the wooden components such that they are ready for sale. Korck Components takes in orders that range from half a dozen to hundreds of units.

Wholesale: Korck Components have the capability of taking in large orders regarding woodworking from the retailers. In this case also, the company draws up a contract with their clients and their products are sold in large volumes with lower margins. The clientele of Korck Components often orders in bulk.

Korck Components pay attention to all aspects of the projects, making each of them their priority. Each order shows off their designs, cuts and styles and high-quality finishing.

Korck Components takes in orders for both indoor and outdoor furniture and also supplies manufactured products to the hospitality industry. Korck Components follows a detailed process of designing and manufacturing such that all the pieces created are flawless.

For more information about the services of Korck Components visit the website: https://korckcomponents.co.za/.

About the Company
Based in Cape Town, Korck Components is a fast-evolving company that specialises in designing and manufacturing various wooden components. The company can produce one-piece items and full furniture pieces in wholesale orders as well as custom and boutique orders.

Unit L, Berkley Square, Reyger Street, Ndabeni, Cape Town
7405, Western Cape, South Africa