The KG Company has launched a new product for the Christian market.

By | August 12, 2018

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The KG Company has proudly announced the launch of an all-new, two-sided cross for Christians worldwide. One side of the cross shows the Crucified Christ, while the other side depicts the Risen Christ.

“This new Duality Cross is a visual reminder that the total agony of the Crucifixion was replaced by the joy of the Resurrection and thus, with faith, anyone can go from despair to hope.” said the spokesperson of the KG Company. who added, “The cross inspires a belief in a better future, so it could be an important aid in dealing with depression or crisis.”

Currently available are a 6″ metal statue on a wooden base, a 1″ miniature, a small cross with eyelet (for attaching to a rosary or other item), and a 1.75″ coin. For more information go to:

A Kickstarter campaign is running until August 19 in support of the Duality Cross. The KG Company is asking for backers and publicity through social media.

“The response to the Duality Cross is often emotional, bringing tears to the eyes of those who need to hear our message that ‘No matter how bad it gets, there is reason to hope,” said the KG spokesperson.

About KG Company:
KG Company produces the Duality Cross — a two-sided crucifix with the Crucified Christ on one side and the Risen Christ on the other. Our slogan is “No matter how bad it gets, there is reason to hope.” Currently, we have a 6″ metal statue on a wood base, a 1″ miniature, a small cross on an eyelet, and a 1.75″ coin. Other products are forthcoming.

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