Energy Blockchain joins forces with Technology companies to bring Renewable Energy to Off-Grid communities

By | August 22, 2018
KWHCoin Energy Blockchain revolutionizing the Off-Grid consumer market with Energy Blockchain and Distributed Energy.

KWHCoin announces the largest partnerships in the company’s history by combining resources and platforms with two innovative, green Technology companies, ADP Holdings and Athena Global Energy Solutions.

KWHCoin is significantly accelerating its growth path by taking this unprecedented step, further revolutionizing the Off-Grid consumer market with Energy Blockchain and Distributed Energy.

This robust Energy-based Blockchain significantly augments their “Internet of Energy” plans, by partnering with two innovative Technology solution providers, in its pursuit to liberate the disenfranchised, and deploy sustainable programs to empower billions with renewable energy access, bringing off-grid communities into a new 21st century renewable energy economy.

This has been the dream of KWHCoin’s CEO Girard Newkirk. “What separates KWHCoin from its competitors, who have their eye on developing “decentralized” trading platforms, is that KWHCoin goes directly to the heart of the matter by focused on the over 500 million global households that do not have energy access. Our token model is developed to enable millions an affordable and reliable energy solutions platform designed for massive social impact, and our technology partners will now vastly augment the programs we have already achieved, establishing a deeper relationship with the communities, villages, neighborhoods and municipalities we assist,” he enthuses.

KWHCoin is excited to announce this landmark partnership with Athena Global Energy Solutions (AGES) and ADP Holdings, which will position KWHCoin as the largest and most active energy blockchain in the world.

Athena Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (“AGES”) accelerates access to worldwide markets for multiple best-in -class renewable energy and environmentally sustainable technologies. AGES brings access to multiple projects in the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa, representing over 70 revolutionary and eco-friendly technologies in the areas of energy, environmental and humanitarian interests. AGES expertise extends to engineering disruptive technical solutions, financial modelling, consultancy and professional management services. “KWH is a perfect fit to our many energy-related technologies,” said AGES CEO, Robert Shambora. “Their architecture, technology and mission align seamlessly with our efforts for decentralized energy and resources.” (

ADP Holdings, Ltd. (“ADP”) creates partnerships and new ownership opportunities in the renewable energy industry, with access to a host of professional sustainable development services and over 50 revolutionary technologies in the areas of energy, environmental and humanitarian interests. ADP also brings multiple other funding alternatives, and professional management services that will assist KWHCoin in its operational strategy to connect a decentralized energy grid for off grid populations globally. (

“Partnering with KWH provides a path to revolutionize energy access to all,” says Dan Heinrich, CEO of ADP. “Their unique ecosystem approach allows for global deployment of a full spectrum of life-changing solutions.”

“KWH is thrilled to partner and integrate with these two highly skilled Technology companies, both having incredible reach and revolutionary technologies in their portfolio, and most importantly a focus not exclusively on profit. These companies focus on the outcome of their investment and portfolio which makes this a perfect marriage of intent. We see these two organizations as the levers to unlocking the value of what the KWHCoin community is able to achieve. We are developing the energy data footprint to allow energy providers, telecommunications and digital companies, and other entrepreneurs the tools to provide services for this new market states,” says Newkirk.

KWHCoin is currently traded on TOPBTC, Coinexmarket and

KWHCoin has renewable energy nodes (distributed energy resources with energy data usage on the KWHCoin blockchain) on all 6 continents and to over 40 countries. To date, KWHCoin has over 9,000 KWH of energy data integrated into the blockchain, with an energy data footprint with global access points, across its primary target areas of Africa, the Caribbean and South America. KWHCoin has a virtual asset portfolio balance of 60% residential, 35% commercial and 5% industrial renewable energy partners on the blockchain generating energy for the ecosystem.

What is KWHCoin?

KWHCoin launched on December 21, 2017, as a digital currency backed by an equivalent measurement of deliverable kWh output from network participants. Network participants leverage data, smart meters, sensor readings and Green Button data to produce this output. The output is then tokenized to create digital assets on the blockchain. KWHCoin is the native digital currency of The Grid applications and will be the decentralized currency that powers peer-to-peer transactions, token swaps, digital exchange trades and all transactions that take place on The Grid. KWHCoin has been developed for mass adoption and is designed to become the leading digital currency for the emerging Internet of Energy.

What separates KWHCoin from other cryptocurrency projects in the renewable energy sector is that our focus is on the “grid’s edges”. We define the “edges” of the grid as smaller distributed energy resources, such as solar panels in the residential market, electric vehicles, microgrids, wind farms and demand response technologies, to name a few. These comprise the elements for a new two-way generational model of energy distribution. This presents a great opportunity for local communities to directly participate in the renewable energy economy.

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