Mafia City H5 Beginner’s Guide – Buildings, SAVE IT!

By | September 6, 2018
Mafia City H5

Mafia City online is game of war / clash of kings type of game. So, if you’ve played any of those games before then you should not have a problem trying to understand the mechanics of this game. This post is going to be about the various buildings in the game.

You can watch the two videos below or read the post to get an idea about the buildings.

This is a beginners guide to Mafia City H5.


This is your main building which you have to upgrade in order to upgrade other buildings. You cannot upgrade other buildings beyond your current mansion level. You also get a boost in gathering speed per upgrade while leveling it up from level 6 to level 13.

The Wall

Upgrading the wall is a prerequisite for upgrading the mansion. Upgrading it increases the maximum capacity of your defense weapons and also increases your durability. The higher your durability is, the longer it takes for you to teleport randomly after getting attacked a number of times.

The Troop / Vehicle Training Centers

Upgrading the training centers will unlock powerful troops. You would want to upgrade these buildings as soon as you can unlock new troops (i.e. whenever your level reaches 4, 7, 10… and so on). It doesn’t make a lot of sense if you upgrade it at other levels since it won’t give you any benefits.


The pawnbroker helps you increase your exchange speed & it also reduces your check consumption for exchanging equipment.

The Clan Hall

It increases your raiding capacity. It is important to upgrade this building in order to send more troops to build clan buildings and also to accommodate more troops during raids.

The Bootleg Market

This helps you trade resources with your clan mates. Upgrading this will increase the amount of resources you can send per march & it also reduces the tax rate.

The Black Market

This building allows you to get cargo, cash arms or metal in exchange for wine or gold. Upgrading this building will increase the amount of free wine you get per day & it also increases the amount of resources you get per exchange.

The Security Center

This building helps you build defense weapons. Defense weapons help a lot by doing damage to the troops of players who attack your turf. There’s a maximum capacity of defense weapons that can be held. This maximum capacity can be increased by upgrading your wall.

Invest Center

This building allows you to research various technologies like gathering speed, march speed, troop attack and a lot more. Upgrading this building will unlock stronger technologies or will allow you to upgrade the existing technologies to a higher level.


The radar gives you information about enemies’s troops whenever they’re marching towards you. Upgrading it also gives you a more detailed spy report including information about troop numbers, types, number of defense weapons, troop levels and a lot more.


The Diner will increase your march size (crime ops size) & is a must to upgrade if you want to increase the power of your attacks. Upgrading this building will help you send more troops per march which will lead to less losses while doing street forces. It’ll also increase the probability of you winning attacks against other players.


The vault helps protect your resources. It is important to upgrade this building especially if you get attacked a lot since this building protects your resources from getting robbed. The higher it’s level the more resources it protects.

Clan Club

Apart from increasing your reinforcement capacity (i.e. players will be able to send more troops to reinforce you if you upgrade this building) the clan club also increases the time reduced by each help from a clan mate & also the number of times you can get help from clan mates.

The Resource Production Buildings

These buildings include the Counterfeiter, Cargo Hub, Ammu-Nation & Smelter. These buildings will increase the amount of resources produced per hour along with their resource capacity if you upgrade them.


Clubs let you train more troops at a time at the training centers & they also increase training speed. The more clubs you have, the faster you can train.


The hospital is a building that protects your troops from dying. If your turf gets attacked, your troops will get wounded until the hospital is full. Once the hospital becomes full, they will start dying. Upgrading the hospital will increase it’s capacity thereby leading to less deaths. However, the troops that you lose in battles that don’t take place in your turf will die even if the hospital is empty.

That was a short description of all the buildings in the game. We’ll be taking a look at troop types next.

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