Rich Meats: One-Stop Shop for Your Butchery Requirements

By | September 13, 2018

Rich Meats has always strived to produce quality meat and deliver the finest cuts to their customers. Operating since 2000, the company has established itself as a respected and renowned supplier of meat products in the Western Cape area.

Through their manufacturing and distribution facility in Milnerton, they are able to produce high-quality meat products. They offer a large selection of meat products that can be easily ordered online and delivered at your doorstep.

Attributes Of Products Offered By Rich Meats:

The company boasts of manufacturing and distributing about 200 types of meats. They are the leading suppliers to over 50 restaurants and innumerable individuals. The growing popularity of Rich Meats can be attributed to the following:

  • Hygienic Products – They ensure that all their products are manufactured adhering to the highest quality and hygiene standards.
  • Best Value Products – Rich Meats is known for producing high-quality meat products throughout their range.
  • Fresh Variety – With Rich Meats, you can always expect fresh meat products as they source their meats from a range of suppliers.

Product Range Manufactured and Distributed By the Company:

Serving as a one-stop shop for all your meat requirements, they carry a large range of meat products specially prepared and cut to order by their master butchers. Some of the popular products in their range are:

  • Beef – They are a leading supplier of a variety of beef products including lean mince, regular mince, savoury mince, beef stew, beef rib-eye and diced beef.
  • Bacon – Their exquisite range of bacon cuts consists of streaky bacon, back bacon, prime-cut bacon and diced bacon.
  • Pork – Rich Meats offer a large selection of pork, comprising of pork shoulder, belly rib, gammon B&R, loin chop and belly boneless on skin.
  • Lamb – Lamb Mince, Lamb steak, boneless shoulder, lamb shark, braai chops and whole lamb leg are some of the lamb products that Rich Meats has to offer.

Apart from the above four, they also prepare a variety of meat products including an entire range of poultry, cold meats, and a large variety of sausage and burger products, biltong and droewors.

Their entire range of products is created specifically to cater to the industry. Products are available online to individuals across South Africa. To order meat online or to view their entire range of products, visit:

About The Company:
Rich Meats was established in 2000, in Milnerton by owners Peter Jacobs and Richard Urisohn. The Company aims to provide quality meat at competitive prices to restaurants and individuals alike. Rich Meats tries to stay at the top of their game through their innovative and creative butchery concept and their continuous introduction of new products to the market.

Turf Club Rd, Milnerton
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 551 5160