Zhu Yi Long, the Most Popular Chinese Actor this Summer, Made His Grand Mark at Times Square

By | September 18, 2018

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At the beginning of September 12, 2018, one of the hottest rising actors in China, Zhu Yilong, topped the Jiake Star Popularity Chart and was featured at Times Square covering both Nasdaq Tower and the Thomson Reuter sign(Time Square 2). This would be Zhu’s second time on “Time Square 2” and fourth time on Times Square over the past two months.

Zhu started his career by playing a small role in the film “Zai Sheng Yuan” (2009), even before graduating from Beijing Film Academy (2010), one of the best performance academies in China. Over the following few years, he honed his craft by performing heterogeneous challenging characters in various work. In 2014, Zhu first gained recognition for his performance in the romantic drama series “Love Three Lives” (2013), which won him the Most Anticipated Actor award at the Asian InfluenceAwards Oriental Ceremony. After starring in “The legend of Mi Yue” (2015), “Treasure Raider”(2016) and “Border Town Prodigal” (2016), Zhu co-starred with Aaron Kwok and Zhao Liying in a spy movie, “Eternal Wave”, in 2017. It was not until he took the role of Shen Wei in the fantasy novel-based web series “Guardian” (Summer, 2018) that he won the hearts of the audience. His remarkable portrayal of Wei became one of the phenomenal trending topics on social media this summer, and attracted more than five million followers within two months, making him one of the most popular actors in China today.

Get used to seeing this wonderful actor because it was announced that he would star as Wu Xie in the upcoming “The Lost Tomb: Reboot”, a TV series inspired by a well-known adventure novel series. Besides, Zhu now appears in the newest commercials and campaigns of brands like Nivea, L’Oreal Paris, and Lenovo in China. Harper’s Bazaar China and ELLE Men China also made him the cover of their digital edition issues.

To see him in action now, you can catch his brand new series, “Granting You a Dreamlike Life” (2018) on Youku.com on September 7th.

– Zhu Yilong Overseas Fan Club

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