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By | October 4, 2018

Castaway Components offers a range of products that are essential in the fashion, hardware and promotional industries. The company specialises in manufacturing products by implementing the process of zinc spin casting and pressure die casting. Based in Cape Town, the company offers its services in the Western Cape region as well as rest of South Africa.

Shoes and Clothing: Castaway Components works closely with some of the large brands in the fashion industry and designs buttons, trims, pullers, buckles, brooches, nameplates, etc. The company also works with those who are just starting their career in the fashion industry as a clothing designer to help them achieve success with unique designs of clothing accessories like buckles, brooches, etc. The customers also have the option of customisation and lend their creative ideas to designing aesthetically pleasing items.

Furniture Hardware: Castaway Components offers furniture hardware at a competitive price, that ranges from knobs, hinges and drop-handles to pull-handles and escutcheons. The company has skilled workmen who can create a style similar to that of the Victorian era to something minimalistic and utilitarian. Castaway Components has the expertise to create unique designs that will suit the décor of the house and the hardware come in a range of sizes and finishes.

Promotional: Promotional items are important for businesses in different sectors and are a must for various events in and around Cape Town. Keyrings, medals, golf tools, buckles, bottle-openers, bottle-stops, badges, dog tags, etc. are manufactured by Castaway Components by using the process of zinc spin casting or pressure die casting.

Door Fittings: One simply cannot neglect this category if they want a safe system at their houses or offices. Door fittings that include door pull-handles, sliding and cramone bolts, lever-handles and knobs are manufactured by Castaway Components.

Light Fixtures: Castaway Components manufactures beautiful chandeliers to adorn your house and to decorate any event. They will add brightness and enhance the beauty of the event. A wide-range of chandeliers are manufactured by the company.

Castaway Components also has the expertise to manufacture pet accessories, shop fittings and medical fittings. The company caters to both large brands and start-ups by being creative and versatile.

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About the Company:
Castaway Components is based in Cape Town, South Africa and specialises in zinc spin casting and pressure die casting. The company manufactures buttons, various clothing items, door fittings, and promotional items. The company also offers customisation options to their clients.

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