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By | October 5, 2018

Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd has always strived to protect businesses. They aim to provide their members with the option to effectively manage their debtors. The web-based service protects your business by providing tools to reduce your credit risk. Their user-friendly collection tools are highly effective in protecting both, large corporates and SMEs.

Services Provided by Accountability Solutions

1. Default Management Services – Accountability Solutions provide complete debtor or default management. These services include:

  • Notices to Debtor – Their comprehensive services include sending several important notices required by law, like sending a warning notice to the debtor before their name can be listed.
  • Addition to Database – If the debtor does not reply to the Notice, or clear their dues within the notice period, based on the client’s instruction, they list the debtor’s name on the database of the Credit Bureau. They also look after the associated regulations and notices.
  • Updating the Database – In case the debtor clears the due after being listed, they ensure that the listing is updated, and their name is removed.
  1. Collection Services – If the members are unable to get payment from their debtors, Accountability offers debt collection services. They have established partnerships with collectors to help their members extract their outstanding amount without taking legal actions. When there is no possibility of debt recovery, they assist their clients in executing litigation.
  2. Judgement Removal Services – Members can also instruct Accountability to initiate judgment removal procedures. The team of affiliated lawyers at Accountability evaluate various possibilities and determine the best process to have the judgement removed.
  3. Credit Management Services – Accountability assists its members from various industries to manage their risk by providing them trustworthy credit information of their customer. Their comprehensive credit management services include:
  • Business Information – Accountability helps its members gain detailed information on Clients and partners through Credit Bureaus. This allows the members to assess their credibility and the risk associated with trading with them.
  • Consumer Information – Members of the company have access to information on all their customers. The company aids its members in tracing missing debtors, verifying customer identity and initiate alerts for easy tracking of missing customers.
  • Bank Codes – A Bank Code is a report that determines the current financial standing of an individual. With the Bank Code, a member is assured of the customer or client’s creditworthiness.
  1. Deed Searches – The Company conducts deed searches and provides information about any property in South Africa like property information, valuation, ownership, area trends and transfer and sale information.

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About the Company:
Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a web-based team that aims to protect Corporates and SMEs by providing efficient credit management tools. They act as an agent on the instruction of its members.

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