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Riverside, CA.- The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is helped relieved homeowner, Anna Campos, with a Trustee Sale Reversal. The long-time homeowner was delinquent on her mortgage payment and wasn’t receiving any assistance from her lender after many attempts for a loan modification review. This went on until she was unfortunately foreclosed on September 25, 2018.
Anna Campos came to terms that she would never be able to have her home in her name ever again after it was sold at the Lenders foreclosure auction to a third party highest bidder. Her and her family had to face eviction in three weeks. Anna, like many other apprehensive homeowners worked with foreclosure consultants and even claimed to have been working with aggressive attorneys offering them their service to save their home, but with an up-front fee. After many attempts and many attorneys, the Campos family were referred to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates. It is a faith-based loss mitigation legal clinic the focuses on helping families keep their home, reconstruct their loans and improve their financial situation with no out of pocket cost other than 4 bags of canned goods and or non-perishables that are given to the homeless.
Attorney Peter Nisson, who is the Nonprofit Clinic’s Sr. Legal Director, instructed that Mrs. Campos immediately involve Consumer Defense Law Group, PC headed up by attorney, Anthony Cara. Mr. Cara’s law firm has been very successful at reversing foreclosure sales. Typically, this level of legal representation would require the client to pay an enormous up-front retainer fee to help them save their home and defend them in their eviction. In this specific case, Mr. Cara’s firm was able to configurate the fee arrangement so that the client did not have to pay any up front out of pocket fees when accepting the case. On September 31, 2018, client Ana Campos accepted the help and assistance of the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates and Consumer Defense Law Group, PC.
Mr. Cara’s law firm immediately started communicating with both the lender as well as the foreclosing Trustee in efforts to reverse the foreclosure sale and put the property back into Mrs Campos’ name. Mr. Cara also agreed to defend them in the eviction notice, which in the end, was avoided. “This was the fastest 3rd party Trustee Sale Reverse we have ever concluded” as per Attorney Tony Cara of Consumer Defense Law Group, PC of the foreclosure reversal that took place on October 6

Our Mission is “CONSUMER ADVOCACY” We are a Non Profit Legal Alliance Providing Legal Homeownership Preservation services to help you save your home. When our nonprofit law clinic first reviewed the Orange County Home Ownership Preservation Collaborative it noticed that all the major lenders were the sponsors for organizations helping troubled-homeowners.

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