Oracle Remote DBA Experts are Dramatically Changing Your Company’s Overall Database Administration

By | October 11, 2018

The ultimate intention of availing the outsourcing concept is boosting operational profitability while effectively cutting down costs. In the case of remote DBA Oracle experts, outsourcing certainly helps corporate houses to gain an enhanced access to resources while taking the maximum advantage of professional expertise at its best. When companies avail the services of remote DBA experts, it would be freeing up all the available internal resources which could then be diverted to some other important responsibilities.

In reality, the speed of project execution could be hugely accelerated with the expert services of remote Oracle DBA specialists as they help in achieving the best possible response time. Several companies feel that Oracle DBA could prove to be highly beneficial for accessing managerial strategies which would not have been otherwise, possible.

What Are the Chief Responsibilities of An Oracle DBA?

An Oracle DBA’s key responsibility lies in maintaining data integrity that implies safeguarding and securing organizational data. Oracle DBAs are involved in practically all functions associated with database management like development, retrieval, and storage of the database. They are also, responsible for creating, examining, troubleshooting the DMS that would be dealing with the data in a company.

It is the responsibility of an Oracle DBA expert to take care of recovery and backup of data, capacity planning, and storage of data, tuning and monitoring, loading and transformation, and data extraction etc. DBAs are also, required to communicate and interact with data analysts, developers, and network operators for ensuring the efficient and flawless flow of information and efficient management.

Remember Oracle DBA jobs are supposed to be the highest paying jobs and organizations are not hesitant to spend more for qualified Oracle experts. This is simply because Oracle is the most effective and efficient database provider. You could get in touch with reputed database management services such as for perfect solutions.

Oracle Always Way Ahead

Oracle is always way ahead of the other databases. That is simply because of the following features:

• It could be running on all top platforms and that may include Windows & networking protocols.
• Oracle is great at supporting recovery and online backup.
• It is known for its treasure trove of cutting-edge developmental tools that cover different stages of the entire development cycle.
• Oracle is great at supporting huge databases that may include characters and numbers.
• It is known for providing data for supporting object-oriented (OO) database storage.
• Oracle is good at supporting cursors that assist in making programming a lot easier.

Core Functions of an Oracle DBA

An Oracle DBA is known for his expertise and dedication. He performs multiple functions and is supposed to be multi-faceted. Some are employed as remote DBA consultants offering Oracle consulting services to various corporate houses.
A remote Oracle DBA expert would be:

• Creating and maintaining databases that are necessary for an organization’s usage.
• Performing ongoing tuning and maintenance of the databases for ensuring their performance and efficiency.
• Controlling database changes, migrations, menu data changes, and reference data ranges through the development lifecycle.
• Evaluating release of Oracle, as well as, its tools to make sure that the site is using the most suitable products.
• Providing expert technical support to the various app development tools.
• Enforcing and making it a point to maintain all database constraints for protecting the integrity of the databases.
• Administering all the database objects like clusters, tables, views, indexes, packages, sequences, and procedures.
• Assisting in impact analysis of all modifications made to your database objects.

Skills of an Oracle DBA Expert that Makes Him Stand Tall Among the Rest

Superb Problem-Solving Skills

DBAs are expected to hit a number of brick walls daily but must know their way through or around them. Problem identification skills are definitely the top asks for DBAs, and the next logical step is just as important, which is quick and effective fixes for these issues. A methodical approach and good documentation are major pluses and certainly help you or your successors handle the problem or similar issues if they arise in the future.

Comfortable with Disaster Recovery and Backup

A business that doesn’t back up its data is on the way to disaster. This is where a DBA must shine and be proactive. They must know how to craft protocols for regular backup and recovery if needed, and must also run diagnostics to ensure that the operational systems are working as they should. Having a plan in place means that if a contingency does arise, the DBA will be able to step in and restore most if not all your data with minimal effort.


Being calm and optimistic even in crises is the hallmark of a fantastic DBA. He must be ready and willing to tackle even the bleakest of situations, and able to focus on what is important and get an offline database up and running quickly. Prioritization under pressure is very important. An Oracle DBA expert has to be patient and super-cool even while encountering crisis situations. The caliber of a DBA expert is demonstrated when he understands his priorities well and helps in optimizing efficiency and productivity. He proves that he is the best in the industry when he tackles adverse elements with the highest degree of proficiency 24×7 and never loses his cool even for a moment. He is not easily daunted by challenges and never buckles under pressure.

Love for automation

Great DBAs embrace automation to free up their time. A lot of database administration is grunt work and can be scheduled or automated to be performed routinely or as a response to certain situations quite easily. A candidate who understands and really uses automation would be an ideal hire for your DBA profile.

Desire for Knowledge

The best thing about an Oracle DBA expert is that he is always eager to broaden his horizon. He never gives up his pursuit of knowledge. Database administration is a dynamic field and you need to go on learning something new to sharpen your skills and boost your knowledge. You must stay abreast of the advancements in the field. So learning about the cutting-edge technological developments must be the top priority for the Oracle DBA experts. His aim is to learn everything related to database management. He is always devoted to building new skills and enhancing the functionality of the database of an organization.


We must conclude by saying that the database administration landscape is changing and there has been a definite switchover to remote DBA expert services from full-time DBA support. Whether for bigger or smaller corporations, this trend is gaining traction by the day.