5 Reasons Why People Don’t go to the Dentist and How to Overcome Them

By | October 13, 2018


For the vast majority of dental patients, a routine cleaning or even a root canal is a necessary part of life. Sometimes it’s irritating but it’s just part of taking care of your teeth. Nevertheless, for some folks, the plan of going to the dentist fills them with nothing but anxious.

What seeds all this fear, and how can people vanquish the unease so they can get the dental care they need?

Reasons Why People Don’t go to the Dentist:

1. Money: Dentistry can get expensive, everyone knows this. Folks stay away from the dentist because they think that even the fundamental check-ups and cleanings are too high priced. Or they feel like they need loads of harm from past neglect which it’s simply aiming to be too overwhelming to urge the correct treatment. The answer is payment plans. Only a few individuals have lots of or thousands of bucks free that they’ll simply plop down for any reasonably non-budgeted things. However, waiting to urge dental work done isn’t a decent plan and gets even costlier down the road.
2. Fear of Pain: Many times people believe the procedure will be just as painful as their toothache. It makes them anxious, and it’s something they avoid at all costs. Some dental strategies aren’t nearly as painful as people fear they will be. Medication may be obtainable to help lessen any pain.
3. The paucity of Control: Sitting back in a chair, unable to move, while someone pokes around in your mouth – for some people, this sounds like an absolute nightmare. They perceive uncontrollable and wince they won’t be able to get up if they need to.
4. Foregoing bad experiences: One bad dental procedure can cause fear for years. It may have been incidental pain or a mistake that lead to stitches or more work. If it occurs when someone is young, it can blemish them well into their adult life.
5. The paucity of insurance: There is a delusion that if you don’t have insurance, you can’t see a dentist. You cant get yourself financed under various patient financing platforms. But we do those things anyway because we know that they are good for us and that perpetuation is a good thing. So why not see a dentist? Generally, the paying out of pocket for check-ups and cleanings is identical or economical than having dental insurance casually. So don’t let the insurance companies bully what you can or cannot do for your own dental health!

Procedures To Get Over Your Fear Of The Dentist:

1. Bring Someone With You: Sometimes the best thing you can do to calm yourself at a dentist appointment is to bring someone with you. Having a friend or family member in the room to keep you company may reduce anxiety that results from being alone and isolated in a dentist’s office. Most dentists won’t have an issue with you bringing someone along, especially if you tell them that it will help with your dental anxiety.
2. Have Distractions Available: This doesn’t mean distracting your dentist so you can sneak out of the room. Just like getting a shot or blood work at the doctor, keeping yourself distracted can help reduce your fear, as you may not even be aware of what dental work is being done. Many dentists have television sets for your enjoyment, but if they don’t, ask them if you could put earbuds in and listen to your favorite music or a podcast. This will keep your mind off of what scares you, and your appointment will be over before you know it.
3. Ask For Breaks: Dental visits often leave patients feeling claustrophobic and trapped, which can be addressed by taking a few breaks during the course of your visit. Just ask your dentist if they’ll let you take a break or two throughout the course of your visit. This can help eliminate the overwhelming, confined feeling that many people feel at the dentist.
4. Ask For A Topical Anesthetic: People don’t like needles, and if you’ve gotten a dental procedure done, you’ve likely had novocaine or a similar anesthetic injected right into your gums. If this pain terrifies you, ask your dentist for a topical anesthesia instead. Using a gel or cream can eliminate the pain from needles, giving you one less thing to fear! Just ask your dentist.
5. Meet Up With Your Dentist: The biggest thing you can do to soothe your fright of the dentist is to talk to them about your fears and what you can do to defeat them. If you feel powerless during your come upon, maybe you can come up with a hand signal. Or, if there’s something you don’t like, your dentist may be able to come up with different or helpful tips. Keeping your dentist informed of your fears will help evolve a strong relationship with them, which may help ease your anxiety in and of itself.

The Final Word

Composition and transmission are the two biggest elements that can help lessen the fright and concern you feel when going to the dentist. Take the time to think about what your fear most so you can be open with your dentist about things you aren’t comfortable with. If you need to make a dental appointment, you can schedule one be!