Digital Writing App, Kaligo learns English

Write to Learn

The leading digital writing app and notebook, Kaligo, has learnt English. This version has been developed working with English teachers and experts so it can be implemented as part of the English Curriculum. A choice of letter styles and writing schemes is provided, together with the ability to track a student’s progress.

 “We have been working with academic experts from the UK and the United States to identify the specific gestures, strokes and handwriting approaches”, says Benoit Jeannin, CEO and Founder of Learn&Go. The company constantly improves its application by testing and gathering data from teachers and students across both continents. These steps are essential if Kaligo is to keep developing leading applications for teachers and students.

This educational app was developed over 4 years. Working with Researchers, Neuroscientists, Teachers, Occupational Therapists and tested with students and teachers in the classroom, the app is designed to accelerate how an individual child learns to write. Every aspect is studied to encourage active learning and to help each child practice, retain and learn information at their own pace based on their own capabilities. Which will eventually lead to an improvement in a student’s overall school results.

Kaligo analyses and provides feedback with remediation modules, through artificial intelligence and machine learning. A student can only move to the next exercise once the current exercise is mastered.  This Kaligo approach means that a student becomes an ‘actor’ in their learning process, whilst keeping a strong connection with the teacher.

Kaligo has another unique feature in that it has two dashboards; one for the student where they can access their own learning path, and a dashboard for teachers. The teacher can prepare lesson sequences from the pre-configured curriculum and adapt the exercises to individual student’s needs.

Kaligo is not only available in the classroom but also at home to help to teach your children to write, count, draw and soon to be able to read. The first version will be Kaligo Exercise and Learn&Go is working towards a KaligoFamily release with Kali stories…. And a World of dreams in 2019.

Integrating Different Needs

Kaligo’s design means that it can also be used as an inclusive solution for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), dyslexia, reluctant readers, learning disabilities.

The current version of Kaligo helps to accelerate the process of how an individual child learns to write, however Learn&Go is now working with speech therapist and experts to create a new version of the app that will better support children or adults with learning difficulties (rehabilitation or other). KaligoSEN (special educational needs) would be used as part of the patients recommended learning path in view of helping repair or improve the challenges they have.

Kaligo Second Language

Kaligo also intends to play a significant role in helping people learn English or French as an additional/foreign language. The KaligoFamily version will be designed in view of helping entire families integrate into a new country or to learn a new language. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this app will tailor the best learning path for writing and speaking, based on the age, profile and competencies of the user.

Kaligo in English will be available in the UK, USA and in the Middle East in January 2019.