Leaders in the Wooden Component Manufacturing Business

By | October 25, 2018

Korck Components started out from humble beginnings and the company has progressed into the market leaders. In the year 2016, Korck Components Pty Ltd was established, as a part of the KORCK family. The company caters to many from Boutique clients to wholesale upholstery supply companies. The company is also involved in developing some exquisite pieces of artwork and one-off sculptures.

Facts About Korck Components:

  • The company caters to the décor and woodworking industry. The services are available not just in the Western Cape, but throughout South Africa and abroad.
  • They are one of the leading wood furniture component manufactures.
  • They are the wholesale contract manufacturers of Western Cape and the region.
  • The company works in architectural applications.
  • The company is involved in developing art and sculptural pieces, exquisite carved pieces and more products.

Wholesale Products:
The company offers wholesale items in raw as well as polished states. The company strives to maintain superior attention to specific details for the items which are produced. The company believes in innovation and improvisation, to achieve high standards of quality.

Korck components has a specialised approach to work and they follow a unique developmental process. The process adopted by the company is briefly mentioned below:

  • Initial Concept – The company starts with hand drawn sketches and uses pictures of similar designs. Similar concepts are used for motivational purposes.
  • Detailed Drawings – This is important so that the initial concept is easily achieved.
  • Approval of the design – As the detailed drawings are completed, the next step is to have the designs approved. They are then signed off for further processing.
  • Prototyping Phase – This is the step where the first piece of product is created from the sample which is approved.

Production Levels:
The company is involved with different levels of production. This is quite dependent on the industry which is being serviced. The same kind of development routine is followed. This is as per the steps which are listed during the process. High volume products mean small changes and sometimes adjustments are needed, which are often stimulated by the production process.

To know more about Korck Components, its products and services, please visit: https://korckcomponents.co.za/

About Korck Components:
Korck Components is the one stop shop for wood component manufacturing, offering their services not just in the Western Cape, but throughout the country. The company prides itself for being wholesale contract manufacturers. They also do architectural applications for their clients.

Unit L, Berkley Square, Reyger Street, Ndabeni
Cape Town, 7405, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 511 7693