Lizzy Page Release New EP Through Starstruck Multimedia

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Originally from Clovis, NM, 29 year old Elizabeth Johnson has always had dreams of stardom. With a wide range of inspiration ranging from Ozzy Osbourne and the Spice Girls to Eminem, Lil’ Wayne and Nikki Minaj, Johnson’s musical influences run deep. However, her affinity toward actress and “queen of pinups,” Bettie Page, is what pushed Johnson into the world of dancing and modeling. Adopting the alter ego, Lizzy Page, Johnson began creating music that showcases the impact of music and art she grew up on. Staying true to herself and telling her story remains the goal as Johnson’s star will only continue to rise.

Teaming up with Jaron Ikner and Starstruck Multimedia, Lizzy Page dives deeper into the world of hip hop and urban music with the release of her new EP, The Farmer’s Daughter. The lead single “Pink Lemonade” shines light on her unapologetic attitude and headstrong mentality while “Purge” acts a cathartic thought piece on a failed relationship. The project is executive produced by southwestern hip hop mainstay, Jaron Ikner, the 6 track The Farmer’s Daughter EP acts as a strong introduction to not only Page, but the newly founded Starstruck Multimedia imprint as well.

As she looks to make her mark on the entertainment industry and the world, Page will only continue to push herself to new heights. Her dedicated fanbase, known as The Betty Boos, only continue to grow with time as Lizzy Page has already launched herself into the top tier category of female rapper out of her region. With her new EP already getting strong reviews and response, Page wants to hit the road in 2019.

Lizzy Page’s The Farmer’s Daughter released digitally worldwide on November, 2nd on all streaming outlets. The EP is distributed by Starstruck Multimedia.

About Starstruck Multimedia:
Originally formed in 2011 as a brotherhood of like-minded individuals, Starstruck has evolved into a multimedia brand specializing in music, media and art. Founded by multimedia artist, Jaron Ikner, also known as southwest hip hop staple, Black One, the brand has always tried to remain ahead of the curve and push the thresholds of creativity. Events, live streams, artist development, and media pro

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