Vauxhall Vivaro – A British built Panel Van tick all the right boxes

By | November 10, 2018

The Vivaro offers refinement, ride comfort and utmost practicality with a great range of powerful engines

The original Vivaro is in production for 13 years now and remains as one of the most popular vans in the UK. The production was ended in 2014 and it was a bit wonder when Vauxhall decided against their milking cow in the light commercial vans segment. Just like the previous Vivaro models, the last generation of the Vivaro panel van was actually UK-built and it was far better than its sisters like the Renault Trafic and was exclusively competing the rivals like some of the transmit trims and VW vans including the luxurious Mercedes V-Class and Vito models in the UK.

The Vivaro was built at the Luton production facility of Vauxhall and this quality of being local built gives the Vivaro an edge over many of its rivals and drivers have an edge of being patriotic. The Mark II Vivaro was introduced in 2014 after the discontinuation of the original Vivaro. The 2014 Vivaro has arrived with a bunch of updates and upgraded features and the majority of the features can be found in the new models. The Vivaro panel vans are now more stylish, ultra improved and come with updated Vauxhall Vivaro engines. As the Vivaro belongs to the cargo segment and it is necessary to see the cargo segment of the van as well. This particular model of the Vauxhall Vivaro has an ample cargo area and has an excellent two pallets carrying capacity.

The Vivaro range is actually a straightforward and simple lineup where it comes with efficient and fuel economical engines, and Transit like body styles including L1 and L2 wheelbases and kombi style. There are two heights as well, where H1 and H2 are being considered in the trims. It comes in panel van, double cab kombi, and kombi bus. A platform specific van is also available for extreme modification and customization.

The Vivaro Engines

Vauxhall has changed its engine lineup and introduced ultra-modern Vivaro 1.6 litre CDTi engine. This engine was replaced with the 2.0 litre diesel engine which remained in the model lineup. These engines offer more power and torque than the previous engines while having some excellent fuel economies and significantly lower carbon emissions. It is a real win-win situation for the single drivers and fleets at the same time.

The 1.6 litre engines come with single or dual turbochargers to achieve the higher fuel economies and performance figures. Vauxhall has also introduced the ecoFLEX efficiency in the certain range of models. There are different modern technologies and gadgets offered on the Vivaro model lineup where engine start-stop feature decreases the carbon footprints to a significant level. Other gadgets include regenerative braking technology, aerodynamic improvements and the entry-level CDTi 90 version cranks 89bhp and delivers 43.5 miles per gallon and 170g/km of carbon emissions. The models come with the start stop technology, and regenerative braking system has an improved fuel economy of just under 50 miles per gallon and carbon emissions of slightly over 155 g/km.

On the other hand, a 113bhp engine which achieves similar fuel economy figures but unluckily this version doesn’t have an ecoFLEX technology for better efficiency. If there is some more performance required, go for the Vivaro CDTi120 Biturbo diesel engine model, it is capable of generating 118bhp and delivers around 48 miles per gallon on average. The carbon emissions are also 155g/km which are the best ever figures in the Vivaro lineup. The range topping model is a 138bhp version and it returns 47 miles per gallon along with a 160g/km of carbon emission from its Biturbo engine. It is even easy to source reconditioned Vauxhall Vivaro engines in the UK as it is one of the largest markets in the UK.