CEO & Former Rahm Emanuel Staffer Reveals Fraud at Chicago Public Schools

By | November 16, 2018

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel apparently had more issues with fraud and cover-ups that went beyond the murder of Laquan McDonald. Grace Akinlemibola, a former Director of Strategic Affairs and Assistant to the Mayor for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, exposed fraud at Chicago Public Schools and in the City of Chicago. Akinlemibola exposed the discovered fraud internally while a member of Rahm Emanuel’s staff, but was shocked to find that she was then excluded from conversations and deliberations even though she had personal knowledge of incidents surrounding the fraud. Instead, she found her reputation beginning to be maligned to the point of removing all career prosperity. Akinlemibola left the Mayor’s Office in October of 2016 and continued to be targeted by corrupt elected and government officials. Akinlemibola additionally recently published emails with national and local media organizations in the United States that showcase the media’s blatant collusion with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in covering up the fraud at Chicago Public Schools, Akinlemibola’s Anti-Corruption Lawsuits, and more. The emails and Anti-Corruption court documents can be found on Akinlemibola’s website at Akinlemibola had previously filed Anti-Corruption Lawsuits in 2017 that assert fraud at Chicago Public Schools that was discovered while she was a staff member in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

According to court documents she filed upon leaving Emanuel’s office, Akinlemibola initially disclosed the fraud internally to Emanuel advisors and other staff members. Akinlemibola provided preliminary disclosure that she found was already discovered secretly by Emanuel’s senior advisor, who was then taking measures behind closed doors to “frame her” for the fraud, including damaging her reputation prior to the conveyance. According to both court documents and tweets from Akinlemibola’s Twitter profile,…[click here to continue reading:].

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