Grace Akinlemibola is not a fan of Beyonce Knowles

By | November 16, 2018

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There are not many who are against Beyonce Knowles and the beehive, but it looks like Grace Akinlemibola is the oddity. Akinlemibola, a Chief Executive Officer of her billion dollar company and minister, claims to have initially been a fan of Beyonce until she later saw Beyonce’s “truth.” Akinlemibola, who also asserts herself as God, claims Beyonce to be the Anti-Christ and to be present in a capacity to deceive the world. On Akinlemibola’s Twitter feed, she denounces Beyonce severely in acidic and humorous tweets. Akinlemibola goes further in asserting that Beyonce wears an outward appearance that is not her truth, claiming Beyonce asserts an external fraudulent appearance of Jesus Christ, but her truth is demonic.

In tweets throughout Akinlemibola’s Twitter feed, she points out Beyonce’s flaws in periodic rants. Akinlemibola also pointed out how many are already aware of Beyonce’s truth, but choose to look the other way, pointing out that Beyonce enslaved former and current Destiny’s Child members and even other artists within the recording industry through fraud behind closed doors. Akinlemibola claims Jay-Z is enslaved to Beyonce and Beyonce asserted falsities in her album, LEMONADE, where Jay-Z was with other women while they were on “breaks” in their relationship. Akinlemibola claims Beyonce steals other people’s prosperity and calls it her own. An example of the latter was when Akinlemibola pointed out a released story of a businesswoman who had a successful wedding planning business called “Blue Ivy” and the business was in existence before Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, was born. The young businesswoman opposed Beyonce’s trademark filing for the trademark of “Blue Ivy” and even had her attorneys attempt a reconciliation with Beyonce by claiming to be willing to negotiate a compromise of Beyonce buying her business and she can receive the trademark along with it. Beyonce responded by removing all negative media posting and articles, subsequently maligning the woman’s reputation by claiming the woman was extorting Beyonce, and then having her attorneys use evidence of the reconciliation attempt as “evidence” that the woman was a gold digger after her worth. On her Twitter feed, Grace Akinlemibola even goes so far as to call Beyonce “Ursula” from Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID, where Ursula stole Ariel’s beauty to deceive the Prince.

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