Ex-Rahm Emanuel staffer lashes out at fraudulent media

By | November 17, 2018

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Grace Akinlemibola, a former Director of Strategic Affairs and Assistant to the Mayor for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, recently published emails with national and local media organizations in the United States that showcase the media’s blatant collusion with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in covering up fraud at Chicago Public Schools, Akinlemibola’s Anti-Corruption Lawsuits, and more. The emails and Anti-Corruption court documents can be found on Akinlemibola’s website at www.gacbusiness.com. Akinlemibola had previously filed Anti-Corruption Lawsuits in 2017 that assert fraud at Chicago Public Schools that was discovered while she was a staff member in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. According to court documents she filed upon leaving Emanuel’s office, Akinlemibola initially disclosed the fraud internally to Emanuel advisors and other staff members, but was then shut out of all discussions. Emanuel later found ways to damage her business prosperity and career reputation. The denigration led to Akinlemibola later pursuing Anti-Corruption Lawsuits against corrupt government officials, Chicago-Kent Law School faculty, and even other private entities who began bowing down to corruption. The events in the suits surround collusion in fraud perpetrated against Akinlemibola. From stealing her vehicle, fraudulently withholding her license to practice law and her Certified Public Accountant license, attempting to provide barriers to her business and ministry, and removing police protection when she had multiple death attempts made against her, the assertions were not to be taken lightly. Akinlemibola sent multiple press releases to over 3,000 members of the United States media and press beginning from January 2017 and including additional releases upon further happenings later in the year and afterwards. None of them made a move and many, including the CHICAGO TRIBUNE and CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, then made apparent moves to provide additional support for Emanuel, who has assertive ties and strong relationships with both local and national media organizations. The media stayed silent while aggressions continued against her. Akinlemibola is now homeless. Akinlemibola now lashed out at fraudulent press members with regarded intentions of including the email as a part of a human rights complaint to the United Nations against the United States of America.
A direct link to the email can be viewed here: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/01048f_0abb741fa2794870b8ecce8c9d1c91ed.pdf

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