7 Reasons Why Grace Akinlemibola is God

By | November 24, 2018

Grace Akinlemibola, who has asserted herself as God and also calls herself “God’s Grace,” claims to not only be the individual who was Jesus Christ and even being on earth prior to Jesus Christ in other individuals such as Eve, Prophet Elisha, King David, and King Solomon, Grace also claims to be the one and only true “spouse” to God in marriage. She explains the assertion as God creating her from the very beginning of time as “the Grace of God” if she were to choose her final outcome to be a female or her name would have been “Michael” as to reference her being the Archangel Michael if she were to have chosen her final outcome to be a male. Grace Akinlemibola claims to be both male and female, but assertively a female. Evidence of this assertion is found in her birth, where she was born with a fully functioning vagina, but also with a small flap of skin that was removed through a medical operation as a teenager. She also goes against “traditional” psychology by claiming to be bisexual and not disclaiming what may appear to be sexually promiscuous.

While one may superficially disclaim any of her straightforward spiritual assertions as odd, there seems to be truth in what she asserts. Read further for 7 reasons why by clicking here: https://www.gacbusiness.com/single-post/2018/11/23/Why-Grace-Akinlemibola-is-God